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Finding The Right Website Hosting Company For Your Business Website

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • April 13, 2013 4:17 AM HST
Finding the right website hosting company is critical to the success of your business. Behind every great website stands a great website hosting company. Here are some helpful guidelines when selecting a website hosting service for your future websites.

Information provided by the Better Business Bureau compares choosing an Internet Service Provider for your business website to choosing the right day-care center for your kids.  After all, the web hosting company you choose will care for your website and provide the needed security. Here are some important tips in choosing a web hosting company for your business website. 

Is the web hosting company reliable?

The reliability and speed of access are critical to the success of your business website.  If a visitor finds your site and tries to access it only to find it down, he or she will only go down the search results to find another site.  Slow access speed, as well as, slow upload is very frustrating for everyone concerned.  If you can’t find any feedback concerning the web hosting company, try it out for yourself.  Many hosts offer a 60 or 90-day money back guarantee.  If the company doesn’t offer any kind of guarantee, then maybe the decision has already been made. 

Will the company be there next month or next year?

Most reliable web hosting companies have been around for a while. One thing you can do is to perform a WHOIS check on their domain name to check for the creation date.  You will have to set your own criteria here, but if the domain name was created less than one year ago, you might want to look for another host. 

Does the hosting company really know what they are doing?

One very important aspect of a business website hosting service is the amount and expertise in the technical support area.  You just might want to make two phone calls – one to the sales department and the other to the technical support department. In some cases the company will have incredible response times for their sales department, while the tech support area will either not answer the phone or place you on indefinite hold.  The results of these phone calls may help you make an informed decision. 

What services do I get with my web host account?

Here seems to be a good place to talk about free web hosts.  The first thing everyone needs to learn is that there is really nothing totally free on the internet.  It is true that free web hosts will allow you to build a simple website, but normally the host will want to run ads on your site.  Free hosts also provide no technical support.  The so-called “free websites” are fine to play around on, but you will need much more if your goal is to make money online. 

Does the host provide a system like cPanel to allow you to set up your own website or blog?  In order for you to stay in touch with visitors and customers, the web host should provide sufficient autoresponders and email accounts.  It is much better to use an email address with your own domain name.  The amount of available storage space would also be very important if you intend to build a very large website. 

You cannot gauge the effectiveness and reliability of a web hosting company based on price.  Internet marketing is a very interesting and unique industry where a high price does not guarantee quality hosting and support.