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Link Popularity Still Remains The SEO Trump Card

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • April 23, 2013 1:21 AM HST
In terms of search engine optimization (SEO) link popularity is very important. Link Popularity directly relates to the number of backlinks and the authority of the websites that link to your website. A website with strong link popularity generally has more inbound links than a website with fewer links.

Link popularity can best be described as the number of trusted links from other websites to yours. Search engines recognize the popularity of a website based on the quality links that point to it and factor link popularity into their search algorithms. Increasing the number of quality links to your site can improve search engine rankings. Understanding the basics of establishing good links will prove to you that link popularity still remains the SEO trump card. 

Build The Best Website And They Will Come

Most baby boomers can remember the famous line from the movie “Field of Dreams” – “If you build it, he will come”. If you build a website that is well written, provides tons of relevant industry information, and is constantly updated, others will come and link to your site without any coaxing from you. It all depends on whether you want to spend more time in creating a link-worthy site or sending out reciprocal link exchange requests. 

Create Reciprocal Links With Link Partners 

Quality links can often be formed by establishing link partners. It is important to ensure that the reciprocal link is totally relevant to your site. You will want to make sure that establishing reciprocal links is only a portion of your link building campaign, since you must continually make sure their site is still active and remains relevant to your site. 

Submit Your Site To Quality Free And Paid Directories 

Remember, when submitting your site to any directory, quality matters. It is also a good idea to create your own topical directory about your field of expertise. You will obviously link to your directory and deep link to important content where possible. By creating a very useful resource, it will attract links on its own. 

Get Help From An SEO Consultant 

If you are determined to have low-risk high-quality links, one sure way of accomplishing this goal is to outsource your link building campaign. If you just can’t afford to fully outsource your link building, you may want to have someone on your staff professionally trained.

Above All – Stay Away From Link Farms 

Link farms are dedicated to listing unrelated links to other sites. Link farm sites are penalized by major search engines and should be avoided. They offer no benefit to your link popularity and are actually considered a form of spam. If your site is included in a link farm, it can result in being totally banned from search engines. 

It is important to understand that PageRank (PR) and link popularity are not the same thing. While PR focuses on the quantity of links, link popularity tends to add a “quality factor”. Quality links refer to links from other sites that focus on like keyword phrases or from relevant categories in industry-specific directories. Links from irrelevant sites may temporarily boost your PR, but won’t help you win any link popularity contests. An effective link building campaign can assist you in earning better SEO rankings and will help you better understand just how link popularity still remains the SEO trump card.