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Web Design To Please The Tastes Of Consumers, Not Just Search Engines

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • April 25, 2013 9:16 AM HST
Website design is more than just pretty graphics. With the increasing popularity of Responsive Website Design, search engine algorithms and various other important considerations website design has become increasingly more complex. Review some tried and true website design baselines to make your next web deployment even more successful.

Whether your business is in the process of establishing a new web presence or simply updating an existing website, there are important considerations to be made.  With all the changes in search engine algorithms and the ways people currently use the Internet, we must learn to tailor our website design to please the tastes of consumers, not just search engines.

Key Element Of Website Design Is The Selection Of A Domain Name

The success or failure of an online business could possibly rest on the choice of a domain name.  Some of the more important rules or principles to follow in choosing an effective domain name include:

  • Must Be Unique – Your domain name should not be simply a plural or hyphenated version of an already established domain.
  • Must Be Easy to Type and Remember – Your branding and marketing value can be adversely affected if the domain name requires considerable thought and attention to type correctly. Domains containing hyphens or numbers make it difficult for potential visitors to type or remember. You don’t want to have a fantastic website that no one can remember to tell their friends about.
  • Establishing Your Brand – Your domain name must allow consumers to instantly know, or at least guess, at the type of content that might be found on your website.
  • Keyword Domain Names – It’s OK to use effective keywords in your domain name, but you must be careful to not over-optimize your site.  If you choose to design a domain name around keywords, do not get carried away in using these same keywords in your web content.

Create Relevant And Valuable Website Content

In order to develop valuable web content, you must have a defined content marketing strategy.  Effective content marketing allows you to communicate with prospects and customers in a way that is not actually selling.  It is more important to deliver information to make your target audience more intelligent that simply pitching a product or service.  When businesses deliver consistent, relevant information to potential buyers, they will ultimately reward them with their trust and their business.

Website Design Must Accommodate The Mobile World

As more and more people are surfing the Internet on their tablets and smartphones, website design must be tailored to accommodate the different sizes of the mobile device screen.  The old way is to design two different versions of a website – one for the PC and the other for mobile devices.  By using the techniques in Responsive Website Design, a web designer can accommodate all devices with only one website version. 

Probably the most critical consideration in business website design is in the clear understanding of the website’s purpose.  Once the purpose is established, website design can be tailored to target the right audience.