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Is Your Focus On Social Media Marketing Causing You To Neglect Web Design?

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • May 12, 2013 7:45 PM HST
Your business website must find the perfect balance between web design and social media integration. Social media has fast become a linchpin of a strong online presence but your website is what earns revenue. After all, your consumers do not log into Facebook to buy anything.

If you have a business page on Facebook, you or someone on your staff probably posts to it every single day.  There’s no doubt that social media, used properly, is a great addition to your online marketing strategy.  But when was the last time you updated your business website?  Is it possible that your focus on social media marketing causing you to neglect web design?  Your website can out perform all other Internet sources of marketing and brand recognition because:

Your Website Can Best Establish And Promote Your Brand

Google enjoys ranking big brands, that’s for sure.  It’s not because it likes big brands, it likes the signals that big brands send to the general public.  These websites establish authority by having very deep and informational websites and they have their share of other websites linking to them.  It is your website that establishes your business, not social media.

Your Website Is Special And Unique

Major search engines love websites with rich, relevant, and original content.  Where social media can be limited in marketing content, your business website content is practically unlimited.  Your website is the place where you provide information to solve problems.  It is also the place where you convince your visitors that you can offer the best product or service to meet an individual need.  Your website is the place where you establish business credibility and social media simply supports that effort.

People Search For Businesses On Search Engines, Not Social Media

Remember, when people go online looking for information they can use to make a buying decision, they usually visit a search engine, not social media.  Don’t misunderstand, social media is an excellent way to expand your web presence, but people just don’t log in to Facebook to buy anything.  It is your website that makes customers out of just visitors.

In today’s mobile world, it is very important that your website can adapt to the smaller screens.  It is also critical to update your website to ensure that it meets the strict requirements of the ever changing search engine algorithms.  Your website represents your company, so make sure your business website delivers the right first impression.  Remember, you only get one chance.