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Content Management Systems Make Affiliate Marketing Easy

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • November 15, 2014 11:56 AM HST
Create fast, efficient, successful affiliate sites using content management systems. Most of today's successful affiliate sites use a CMS for easy deployment, product integration and maintenance.
Content Management Systems (CMS) make it possible to inexpensively set up and run a successful website without needing to write complex code. CMS are software packages that have user friendly interfaces from which to manage website content. This software allows non-technical people to easily create and manage their website.
CMS platforms are included with many ISP packages and can be installed with just a few clicks. With the rise of CMS has come growing communities of developers who are continually creating new features and widgets for the various platforms. How popular are CMS? According to Web Technology Surveys: Of the top 10 million websites, 34.3 percent use a CMS.

Easy to Use

With CMS, you simply log into the administration panel, from which you can manage the entire website. You can add pages, blogs, links, reviews and more easily through a menu based interface. Many CMS platforms have e-commerce templates and plugins available to set up complete online shops, and many of these are free.

Affiliate Links and Ads

Many CMS, such as WordPress, have easy to use plugins available for creating powerful affiliate websites. The links can be easily managed, tracked, and associated with keywords in your content. Affiliate link URLs can be shortened and cloaked if desired to ensure proper credit.

Sidebars and widgets make it easy to manage and display affiliate ads. They can be arranged and updated easily across the entire website, or customized for individual pages.

Easy to Update

Updating a non CMS website can be a complicated and boring procedure. Changes must be coded manually in CSS files, or for each page. CMS give you the ability to make changes that affect the entire website with a single action. Many CMS have options and plugins that make search engine optimization (SEO) an easy, and even automatic process.

Theme Templates

It is easy to change the look and feel of an entire website by simply changing the theme template. Changes made within the template will be extended across the entire site as well. Many themes are free and some paid, but they all allow you to have a professional website without the cost of an outside web developer.