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Improving Conversion Rates is Easy with Multiple High Quality Images

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • November 15, 2014 12:20 PM HST
Sure, we all know unique content is king and significantly increases conversion rates but what other factors contribute to increased conversion rates? In this article we'll discuss how to improve conversion rates with multiple high quality images.

A lot has been written about improving conversion rates and the benefits of unique content. Amongst them are better search engine rankings and higher visitor engagement. But there is an often overlooked component in your affiliate site which could improve various Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such bounce rate, average visit time and of course conversions. That component is the product images.

To understand the importance of product images we must first take a quick look at the brick and mortar world and examine consumer behavior. When a consumer in a retail outlet finds a product he is interested in, he typically picks up the demonstration widget and examines it closely. He looks at the materials and workmanship by turning the widget in various directions and making sure it's all up to snuff. In the case of apparel and shoes he will even try on the item and see how he looks in the mirror. Once satisfied, a purchase is made.

In the on-line world a visitor cannot replicate this experience. He has no access to the product and is therefore completely reliant on the written content and the product images. Multiple product images taken from different angles will satisfy his need to examine the product and see if it meets his standards. High quality images are of course an absolute must for Improving Conversion Rates, since out of focus or poorly lit images will not reveal much about the product and will instead speak poorly of your site.

Below are some tips to consider when adding images to your product page:

  • Optimize - Use the highest quality images you can find but make sure you optimize them for fast download times. Slow loading images invariably result in high bounce rates.
  • Include Humans in Your Images - At least one of your images should include your product being used by a person. This helps the potential customer to imagine himself in the person's place.
  • Thumbnails - Make sure you use a software program designed to create thumbnails from larger images. Out of proportion thumbnails rarely get clicked upon and imply poor quality control.
  • Alt Tags - Search engines love alt tags and so do your visitors. Make sure your images have relevant descriptions when a mouse hovers over them.
  • Link Your Images - Almost everyone tries to click on an image. Take advantage of this and make sure a click leads to a larger image or a call to action.
  • Light box or Magnifier- If your e-commerce platform doesn't already include a light box or a zoom magnifier, make sure you add one to really highlight your product images.

Improving KPIs such as bounce rates and average visit times typically require time and money, while Improving Conversion Rates is even more demanding. Yet adding additional high quality product images is simple, inexpensive and yields almost immediate results, with a better looking site to boot.