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Six Creative Ways to Improve Your Social Networking

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • November 19, 2014 9:55 PM HST

The benefits of improving your social networking often speak for themselves, but sometimes it's difficult to know exactly how. Take a look at the six methods we've outlined below and see if that doesn't give you a creative spark.

  • Recognize hard-working employees on Facebook: This is a great way to allow your followers to see a different side of you; a more personal side.
  • Don't begin Twitter posts with a username: Beginning Tweets with a username makes it harder for your followers to see.  Your goal should be maximum exposure when it comes to social media and this will do just the opposite.
  • Post things aimed at business people right before or after the hour: This allows people to see your posts either right before or after business meetings when they are most likely to be checking social media sites.
  • Utilize LinkedIn groups to your advantage: This is a great way to get your business related questions answered.  It also helps get your name out there with others in your industry.
  • Encourage others to post on your Pinterest boards: This will make your fans feel more connected and involved with your company.  In turn, they will be more likely to keep you in mind when they need the services you can provide.
  • Keep track of when your Tweets are re-tweeted: This allows you to see who is interested in your posts.  You can then follow these people and send targeted messages to them.