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Website Promotion Using Appropriate Methods That Don't Look Like Spam

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • November 27, 2014 12:16 PM HST
Website promotion is a continuing process for any online business. There are hundreds of different ways you can promote your website but what gives you the best ROI? Here are some time tested website promotion techniques that will continually bring in new customers or users to your website.

Website promotion is still an elusive concept for some people, just as much as all promotion seems to be for some. But even experts have challenges in promoting things, despite all the opportunities online for promotion. The seemingly simple process of promoting a website only has the roadblock of attempting to get seen above the sea of everyone else. Nevertheless, you have plenty of tools to get noticed and only need to find ways to convince people to pay attention.

Inbound Linking

When you link other websites on your own website, you're setting up a potential symbiotic process of inbound linking. Some of those sites may participate in link exchanges where their linking of your own site can help search results on Google. As you might guess, Google has a lot of secret ways of ranking websites in their search results. While many still try to crack that mysterious code, there isn't a doubt inbound links are going to help you get found easier.

Promoting Your Website to Those You Know

This probably sounds like the oldest promotional method in the book. Regardless, it still works in the world of website promotion. And using people you know can spread the word to others they happen to know.

Send emails to all your friends, family, and close associates with a link to your website and ask for their initial impressions. They can be your test audience before you even go officially live. This can give you a chance to tweak things since you'll have a broad cross-section of opinion, hopefully without bias.

Using Social Media Without Looking Like Spam

One of the biggest mistakes people have made for years in promoting websites is going on message boards and spamming them with a site link. Those postings were quickly deleted because these individuals were clearly spammers and didn't care about starting a conversation first. It works no different in the world of Twitter if you want to provide your website to targeted customers through hashtag searches.

Many with businesses today monitor conversations under hashtags on Twitter and broach a conversation first rather than immediately promote. As you nurture relationships, you can gradually promote your website through natural conversations.

If you already have a good presence on social media, it works much differently and you can promote your website extensively on your own feed. Yet, providing information and not just posting links to your site can help place everything in better context for those visiting your Twitter or Facebook page for the first time.

Keeping Your Site in Memory

Email lists and RSS feeds are the best ways for people to remember your website after they visit. Encourage the use of those methods with your visitors and they'll keep coming back in, especially when you have an event or a discount going on. The last thing you want is for someone to visit your site once, like what they see, then promptly forget to ever come back. With so much competition, that's easy to happen without constantly keeping it in people's minds.