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How Web Hosting Can Affect Your Online Business

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • December 12, 2014 12:27 AM HST
Poor uptime and downtime can crush your rankings when the spiders try to crawl your website. Here a few things to consider when choosing a web host provider.

Increasing your online income can be accomplished in a number of ways, and one of them is bettering your keyword rankings in search engines, which can provide you with targeted and reliable traffic. It is important to understand that many factors go into your rankings, and while website hosting may not be the largest culprit for those with problems, you should not skimp on sufficient hosting.

Poor Uptime to Downtime Ratio

If your website is going down on a regular basis due to your web host having issues, this should be a major red flag that you need to get out and find another web hosting company. Every second that your website is down means a potentially missed opportunity for a visitor to reach your site and do business.

Make sure to focus on web hosting companies that have exceptional uptime to downtime ratios, such as those in the 99.9% percentile as this is more than satisfactory.

Slow Loading Speeds

Although a slow website may be caused by having too much loading on a single page, this is not the only reason for extremely slow load times. Ideally, you should find out the problem right away, which may end up being the web hosting company due to the website being hosted on a server that is overloaded.

While switching to another server may fix the problem, you may want to consider the idea of transferring to a different web host altogether to prevent this issue from happening again.

Although your web host may not be the first thing that comes to mind when your business is suffering, you should at least consider the possibility of this being the case.