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Will Real-Time Marketing in Mobile Advertising Become Essential in the Coming Year?

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • December 12, 2014 12:42 AM HST
Mobile advertising is picking up speed and trending towards real-time marketing. How's the health of your mobile advertising campaign?

Mobile advertising has been around now longer than we think, though the evolution of it has yet to take a flying leap forward. This isn't to say some haven't tried to take it more forward, including Google. In fact, evidence shows they were attempting to improve mobile advertising through GPS technology byobtaining a patent for the technology. The patent was sought already 15 years ago, which shows what's on the technology plate doesn't always get served right away.

Regardless, are things about to change in the world of mobile advertising to a point of bringing more real-time marketing? Some tech sites are starting to report real-time marketing is a fast-moving emerging trend, and GPS technology may help it be used more often very soon. The only question is, how would you use real-time marketing in mobile advertising for your own company?

The Payoff of Marketing in Real Time

We all remember when Oreos did a real-time marketing scheme at the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. When the lights went out in the Superdome that year, Oreos jumped on the bandwagon and created a spur-of-the-moment ad, amazing everybody in how wittily quick it was. Much of it took a lot of preparation using available data to determine likely things that could happen.

The key is to gain approval for certain ad messages quickly, which seems to be the biggest challenge of real-time marketing. Legal clearances for references to something happening in the moment are always a risk, including the problem of being insensitive to certain events you might connect your advertising to.

Yet, much of this can pay off well as it did for Oreos. They set an extremly high bar in real-time marketing that has yet to be done steadily in the world of mobile advertising. By incorporating GPS, you could potentially capture a huge slew of local people for a sale you're having based merely on using your customer email list.

Emails Lists for Real-Time Marketing

Hopefully you've accrued a long list of loyal customers on an email list where you alerts to sales or a digital newsletter. Capturing those customers in the moment, though, could be very lucrative. Imagine if a major news event occurred and you created a mobile text advertisement connecting your product or a sale to said event. By sending it out within minutes to your entire email list, you could have a sizable crowd in your brick-and-mortar store within an hour.

By incorporating GPS technology, those who don't know exactly where you're located can find you within a short time if they live outside the local area.

Real-time marketing is well worth getting into now, and it's even being taught through an online university called Real-Time Advertising Academy. They teach you the ropes so you can get started in applying the concept.

Mobile advertising can have a significant impact on improving traffic to your website and conversions.  Mobile advertising has become a lucrative revenue model to approach your customers in a fresh new way.