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The Science of Mobile Advertising

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • January 16, 2015 11:31 PM HST
Mobile advertising is growing at an exponential rate and will quickly become the core advertising strategy for businesses. Early adopters of mobile advertising and mobile applications will see a profitable return on investment (ROI) ahead of their lagging competitors.

What is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising, simply put, is advertising done on mobile devices. With mobile advertising, you can target users according to specific demographics and identify related mobile profiles. This allows you to display corresponding ads when consumers download or use mobile games and apps.   

According to a report by Opera Mediaworks called "State of Mobile Advertising Report," mobile advertising is growing rapidly. What's more, Facebook reported that they saw an increase of 67% where mobile advertising accounted for around 62% of that success. Thus, advertising on mobile is becoming more and more of a core advertising strategy for businesses everywhere.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is done with mobile web banners, mobile web posters, and short message service (SMS) advertising (when businesses send text messages to customers' devices). It can also be done with multimedia messaging service (MMS) advertising, which is advertising done in mobile games, videos, during the times mobile webpages take to load, and as audio recordings for audio platforms.

Measuring Mobile Advertising Revenue

There are several ways you can measure the success of your ad campaigns. You can count impressions (views) and click-through rates that are sold to advertisers (referred to as costs per impressions and costs per click.) You can also use conversion rates to measure your ad campaigns' success as well.  

In addition, mobile ads can run as in-App – that is, they can run on either a mobile web page or within a mobile application. This being said, you can also measure your ads by Cost Per Install (CPI) where you'd acquire revenue when users install an app on their mobile phone.

If you want to use mobile ads for your business, the first step is to know what your business's needs are with it. With the right strategy and amount of planning, mobile advertising can certainly yield a profitable return of interest for your business.


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