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3 Key Elements To Website Development And Promotion Based On The Consumer’s Experience

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • June 9, 2013 12:42 AM HST
Website development should primarily revolve around your consumers expectations. Here are 3 key elements you should follow for proper website development and website promotion based on the consumer’s experience.

If you’re like most businesses, you probably spend a lot of time worrying about how to best develop and promote your website in order to acquire the ideal customers in a more cost effective way.  Many times acquisition marketing campaigns fail simply because the consumer is totally left out of the picture.  Let’s look at three key elements to website development and promotion based on the consumer’s experience.

#1 – Consumers Must First Be Aware Of Your Products or Services

Obviously, the first step in establishing awareness is to present your company in a way that consumers can find you.  This critical step in website development involves many different elements, from proper SEO to the quality of your web content.  People must understand exactly who you are and what you’re offering them to solve their problem.  Consumers must remember you in a way that shows them that you are sincerely interested in providing information to help them make better decisions.

#2. – Consumers Must Learn That Your Benefits Are Unique

Simply designing and promoting a website that brings thousands of consumers through to your website or blog is of little value if your visitors have no particular interest in what you have to offer.  In fact, this practice wouldn’t even be considered good website development.  The average consumer has probably visited many other websites only to be confused in the navigation or in the content being offered.  What will make your business different?  You must design a web presence that is easy to find meaningful information consumers need to answer specific questions or provide the information they want in order to make  better informed buying decisions.  You must keep every potential customer engaged in every step of the process from being just a visitor to becoming a loyal customer.

#3 - Consumers Must Be Persuaded To Become Prospects – Then Customers

In order for any marketing campaign to be effective, there must be a totally unobstructed pathway for the consumer to follow, from the very first click to the point of conversion.  If you don’t have a clear understanding of what you want a potential prospect to do, how is the visitor supposed to know?  Opt-in features must be presented in an honest and transparent manner. Any attempts to trick a visitor into signing up for an offer will only produce unfavorable results. 

Social media can be a very effective tool in website promotion if approached in a totally social manner.  People are making word-of-mouth recommendations to businesses that seem to be making an effort to build their brand in legitimate ways.  Persuasion through appropriate advertising, promotions, or other motivation that shows a true interest in the customer before and after the sale will help to convince prospects to buy.

Consumers are not only changing the face of traditional advertising, they are also redefining the conditions under which they want to buy products or services.  The average consumer is tired of being sold; they simply want to buy under their terms.  By applying website development and promotion techniques that are based on the consumer’s expectations will allow you to attract those ideal customers with the least amount of cost and effort.