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3 Reasons Why Your Website Is No Longer Converting Leads Into Customers

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • March 10, 2015 8:05 PM HST
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Converting leads into customers can be a difficult and costly process. Here are 3 reasons why your website may not be converting leads into customers.

Converting leads into customers can be a tricky process, depending on your company's business model and the amount of competition in your space. You might have noticed that, recently, your conversion rate has dropped a bit. The question is: Why?

You might be able to answer that question by just a simple glance at Google Analytics. In other cases, you might need to take a look at some Key Performance Indicator metrics to help you determine what happened.

Still, there are other cases where the answer might require a little further investigation. Here are 3 reasons why your website is not converting leads like it once did.

1. A change in design - You found a slick new design template and you applied it to your website. Everything looks great. It has a much more professional appearance. However, users who are accustomed to the old design might find the new design user-hostile. In some cases, the menu might have moved to a different location and it's not easy to locate. New designs should be split-tested before they're rolled out to production.

2. A new competitor has emerged - It may be the case that a user found your site via a Google search, but noticed that there were other sites offering the same products/services that you're selling. The user visited your site and then went back to look at the sites of some of your competitors. This is a good time to check for new competition and, more importantly, how you can offer something more attractive than your competitors.

3. It might be time for a new angle - Perhaps you've been running the same ad copy to bring people to your site for several months. It's performed well in the past, but now the ad just isn't getting the job done. It might be time for something new. There are reasons why professional marketers have abandoned even successful campaign strategies after they have "run their course." That might be the case with your marketing strategy. You just need something newer and fresher.

1 comment