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Search Engine Marketing Of The Future: Two Metrics That Matter

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • September 4, 2015 10:13 PM HST
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) changes as frequently as Google's algorithm. Here are two factors you should consider when developing your search engine marketing strategy.

Google and similar search engines are critical to the information flow of the Internet. Thus, it is rather important to have polished A tactics to use for growing a business. Naturally, the Internet is a constantly changing place and tactics must change frequently to meet the new requirements. 

Agent Rank

You may never have thought about the implications of your reputation online. However, the search engines certainly do. By using a variety of algorithms, they determine which web pages belong at the top of the search results. Those algorithms focus on things such as the webmaster's authority on the subject.

An example of this is when someone searches for information about a particular disease. They are much more likely to find results from websites like the CDC and WebMd than from a personal blog. It has to do with the authority ascribed to those websites. Thus, building one's reputation and brand online is a great way to improve search engine marketing.

The Growing Influence Of Google+ 

At first, Google+ was not taken all that seriously. It could not keep up with other social media outlets. Then people started to realize how much of an impact it can have on search results online, and things started to change. 

Posting links on Google+ seems to have an impact on search results. The same is true for frequently writing about a certain subject. It is no surprise that Google would want to lend some credibility to its own social network, but the magnitude of the impact is shocking. 

Also, there is the simple fact that Google+ has now become the second largest social network. This is what had to say about that, 

According to Global Web Index, Google+ is now the second largest social network in terms of active users and YouTube, included for the first time in its index is now third. The report estimates Facebook‘s active users in December 2012 at 693 million, compared to 343 million for Google+.

It is not the joke that some once thought it was. Those seeking to do some search engine marketing need an account to help build credibility. 

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