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Social Networking Tips, Getting the Most Out of Your Call-to-Action

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • June 22, 2013 3:14 AM HST
In today's market it is essential to properly implement your call-to-action (CTA). Here are some great ways to use CTAs for better and more productive social networking.

A Call-to-Action (CTA) is the response you want to get from your readers to complete after reading your blog entry or article post. It is usually a banner, button, text or some kind of graphic that prompts visitors to click and continue to the website’s conversion funnel. In social media, and in the case of Social Networking, the setting may be different, but the idea of CTA remains the same – get readers, which in this case are social media prospects, engaged with you even further.

Readers have to take the next step, and that is clicking the link you provide in your CTA. Thus, what you need to do is to lead your prospects to click your CTA.

Whatever the platform you’re using, be it Facebook, Twitter or a blog, posts will have better success rate if they come with a CTA, compared to those who don’t have them. Here are some great ways to use CTAs for better and more productive social networking.

Optimize Your Timeline Posts with Calls to Action

The Facebook timeline is a great platform to market your brand and business, and in the case of calls to action, it doesn’t entirely mean asking the readers to click your link, but also, asking your contacts (or “Likers” or followers in Facebook’s case) to share, like and comment.

When people share your posts, it gets to the news feed of their friends and contacts, which will still promote more awareness of your brand, as the post gets further, and expand the reach of your business. Your call to action in your status message will be like “Did you like it? Let us know by hitting the “Like” button and sharing this to your friends.”

Use Call to Action to Grab Your Reader’s Attention

When target audience are reading your posts, make the most out of their visit by grabbing their attention by using call to action as essential part of your marketing strategy. You can do this by offering something in return, such as “Sign up now and get the free eBook” or something like “Join us and get your 14 day trial,” etc. Be creative and think outside the box; think of something that will entice your readers to click.

Know the Effective CTA for You

Diversify your calls to action in each post and find out which one gets the most clicks. Also, make sure you don’t bury your CTA too far down in your page, especially if the post is long, make it easy to notice, and enticing to click without hounding your prospects with sales pitch.

An effective CTA will help your social networking strategy by building better lead generation forms and include the information you need from your prospects.