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7 Great Ideas For E-mail List Building

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • June 23, 2013 4:07 PM HST
One of the most powerful strategies you can follow is building an email list. List building takes time but review these 7 great ideas for e-mail list building and watch your ROI continually climb.

An electronic mailing(E-Mail) list, is a staple when it comes to website promotion, traffic building, blogging & many other areas. If your business consists of attracting customers either through direct or word-of-mouth advertising at any point, an email list can offer plenty of benefits. After all, the very point of an email list, is to be a better way of distributing information to a mass amount of people at one time. This makes for a more efficient dispensing system and saves you a LOT of time as far as advertising goes.

Does building an email list sound like the right avenue for your business? Well, even though list building may sound simple, it's much easier said than done. Especially when trying to come up with ideas to encourage more people to sign-up. So here are 7 great ideas for starting your first, or building your next, email list that you can starting using right away!:

  1. Keep the Sign-up Simple: It may seem like a no-brainer, but asking for too much information is one of the quickest ways to discourage someone from signing-up for your e-mail list. All the information you really need, is their first name & email address.
  2. Make Your Sign-up Form Easy to Find: Having a specific page to host the sign-up form for your e-mail list is fine, so long as you keep either a link or a button to that page plainly visible on all the other pages of your site. That way, visitors who come to your site won't have to look for a way to sign-up.
  3. Be Upfront and Compelling: Honesty is the best policy. So be honest about what information your subscribers will receive after sign-up and make it compelling by stating either the short or long-term benefits that it will offer them. 
  4. Link to Your Privacy Policy: Since you are asking for personal information from those who sign-up for you email list, linking to your privacy policy is a great way to build trust among your subscribers and possibly encourage more people to sign-up.
  5. State How Often You Plan on Sending Out Emails: No one likes to be spammed. Sending emails too often can cause an adverse effect to your list building efforts. Including how often you will be sending out your emails on your sign-up page, can give potential subscribers piece of mind that you won't be participating in spamming. 
  6. Promote Your Email List Through Confirmation or Thank You Emails: Since they're already a customer, why not add a simple 1-2 sentence invitation to sign-up for your email list at the end of your confirmation or thank you emails? (Which ever applies to your business.)
  7. Make a Video for Your Sign-up Page: Spice up your email list sign-up page with a cool video, 30 seconds or less, that highlights the benefits of the information you offer to subcribers. Its a great way to grab you attention long enough to get your message across.