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How can you recover the sales lost due to abandoned carts on your Magento store?

  • Posted by Nitin Jain
  • August 28, 2016 8:50 PM HST
Shopping cart abandonments are one of the most critical issues that need to be tackled with the highest priority. Install this Magento Abandoned Cart plugin on your online store and fight back with the abandoned carts.

The never ending popularity of Magento platform due to the most flexible user experience it provides makes this CMS cum eCommerce platform a better choice to run an eCommerce site on a large as well as medium scale. But, often it is seen that despite all your constant efforts and excellent CRO on your site, users abandon your cart. The reason could be any of the standard consideration or might also be possible that customers so not want to buy at all. From this statement, it is very clear that you cannot prevent the occurrence of shopping cart abandonments that easily. But the matter for discussion in this situation is that if you cannot prevent these cart abandonments on your site then you must have a plan B to fight back them. That is, despite all these negative events, you still want to make profits and do not want to loose any of the sales, at least those sales which come knocking at your door.

You might feel lucky if you are running a Magento store because you don't have to worry about these orphan carts anymore as we have got someone who can fight this battle on your behalf. Just installing this Magento Abandoned Cart plugin can simply manage any number of abandoned customers on your site and also help you to get them back.

What can this Magento Abandoned Cart extension do for you?

1. It can send Periodic reminders to your abandoned customers encouraging them for coming back to your site and complete the previously interrupted checkout process. To do so, it uses an automatic email reminder system that contains large numbers of predefined email templates which can be customized to consist a name of the particular customer automatically based on the information in the cart.  

2. It can easily setup a flexible incentive that will allow the insertion of discounts and coupons into reminders to attract the abandoned customers to grab these offers by coming back to your site and completing the checkout process. Also allows a site admin to send the reminders without an offer or discount. The reporting system tracks all the emails sent with and without discounts, and generates a report to track the performance of emails sent to the customers. 

3. The best One click abandoned cart recovery to allow a shopper to recover his/her whole abandoned cart in just one click to a link provided in each reminder email. The concept of one-click cart recovery is used to reduce the total efforts a customer has to make if he decides to complete the abandoned checkout process.

Thus, it provides an effortless user experience to your customers for recovering their cart back with all the previously added products back again.

4. The Efficient reporting system allows the admin to track the number of abandoned carts on your store and provides an information regarding the total number of abandoned carts which have been converted after installing this Magento Abandoned Cart plugin. So, you can easily compare your sales and performance of this extension from the back end reporting system.  

5. It provides the settings to allow the Admin, as well as a customer to stop sending and receiving the automatic emails. Through the Admin panel, you can  set the emails to stop being sent once a customer is converted finally, or he can just manually remove a customer from email queue. Customers also get an option to "Unsubscribe for Email" using a link in the email itself.

Other enticing features of the Magento Abandoned Cart plugin-

  • The module is compatible with multi-stores on the Magento platform.
  • It does not conflict with the operation of any other module on your Magento store.
  • The admin gets an option to customize and reschedule the time-period of the emails for each customer separately.
  • A central dashboard at the back end to view all the abandoned carts is provided for hassle-free user experience.
  • The module comes with the free support and installation assistance from Knowband.

Managing the abandoned carts on a Magento platform is not an easy task for the site admin. With this Magento extension, it is just an installation you need and you are ready to recover your lost sales.