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How the Abandoned cart alerts for Magento is achieved through a Magento Extension?

  • Posted by Nitin Jain
  • September 12, 2016 3:17 AM HST
The problem of shopping cart abandonments cannot be prevented easily and it really challenging to implement. The, why not to fight back by converting the already abandoned carts on your store. Utilize this Magento extension to send Abandoned cart alerts to the admin and help him to recover the same.

The shopping cart abandonments has always been a problem for the eCommerce store owners across the globe. As of now, the eCommerce market is full of factors that encourage shoppers to either leave a cart abandoned and never buy or to buy from some other better site. Though shopping cart abandonments have been a problem for each and every eCommerce store, almost all of them are quite busy is making sure that their store would not be the victim for the same. As , an eCommerce store owner, I too would want the shopper to leave other sites abandoned, and buy from me instead. This is a basic instinct is any business man. 

Marching forward on the track, Magento site present a competent enough user experience to grab the shoppers and keep them engaged. But still, shopping cart abandonments occur, and there is hardly any permanent solution to prevent them. So, why not to fight back? Equipping your site with features to convert back the abandoned cart is a supplementary but more important approach. Magento Abandoned cart extension is an approach in the same direction. 

The Magento Abandoned cart extension captures all the shopping carts on your site which gets abandoned after its installation on your site. It lists all the abandoned carts on the back end panel specially designed to provide a user-friendly interface for tracking the orphan carts. It provides an option to send serial reminders to the email ID of the customers who has left the cart unattended at some point of time. The Cron automatically updates the lists at regular interval of time and the same Cron can be configured to send the automatic serial reminders by selecting the email templates from the list that you can easily customize. 

Two types of email templates can be selected. One with offers and discounts and other without offers. Here are some really useful features of this Magento extension that can be utilized by a site owner to recover the loss occurred due to shopping cart abandonments:

The extension is capable of capturing both the registered and guest customers- It does not only captures the already registered customers but is also capable of capturing the carts abandoned by the guest customers.

Option to decide the time interval after which an unattended cart will be considered as the orphan or abandoned cart- The admin can set the time limit for deciding a cart is an orphan or not. This time, limit can be easily customized by the admin from the backend panel.

The option to set the time intervals between the consecutive email reminders the customers- You customer might get irritated if they keep receiving the email reminder every time the Cron runs. There is an option to set this time interval according to the admin’s wish.

A large number of email templates can be stored- The admin can create N number of email templates and assigned them to each customer. The email templates can be customized to contain the name of the customers. Thus, creating a more personalized experience for the customers.

These are just the glimpse of a large number of features and functionalities this Magento extension has got for you. There are still N number of features that cannot be explained in a single article. Features like:

  • Manual reminders, and abandoned cart list updates in addition to the Cron Jobs.
  • Various filter option to sort the cart list.
  • Easiest user interfaces to manage the abandoned carts and send them reminders.
  • User-friendly reporting system to have a graphical interface of the performance of your carts and track the number of carts converted using this extension.
  • One clicks to recover the cart by the customers. 

Easiest user interfaces to manage the abandoned carts and send them reminders.