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Mobile Advertising: Will Adaptive Ads That Conform from Desktop Screens Be the Mobile Future?

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • August 8, 2013 12:25 AM HST
In the last five years the the mobile advertising market has exploded. Mobile advertising is growing at an exponential rate and more companies are starting to realize the benefits of reaching people through advertising on smartphones and portable wireless devices. Are you?

Mobile advertising seems to be having slow growth in a time when mobile use has exceeded the use of desktops or laptops. Some media have even suggested that mobile advertising is failing due to the inability to create ads that conform well to a smaller screen.

But is there a way to work around that? Some digital media companies might already have a solution.

Ads That Adapt to All Formats

When a company considers going into mobile advertising, it may be worth investigating a new trend: Adaptive ads. With the challenges ever-present in having to create a new ad that fits onto a smartphone screen, one that automatically adjusts to a smaller screen is an immediate no-brainer on cost saving.  

One of the leading companies dealing with adaptative ads is Say Media. They recently partnered with Acer in the UK to help market this new tech format. Using their software, Say Media allows ads to either adjust for full screens (with 100% share for the company) or to adapt to mobile screens using a tool called Adaptive Stripe.

Undertone is another company dealing with the complicated issues of adapting videos and high-impact ads into a smaller space. This company may join Say Media as the major leaders in the adaptive ad format that's likely to grow in appeal for companies.

Will Companies Focusing on Non-Adaptive Mobile Ads Be Burned?

Recently, Tumblr finally started creating mobile ads as a way forward for the company to start turning a profit. The unique aspect about Tumblr's mobile ads is that they're designed to look like posts from the social media site to garner more attention. Considering Tumblr hasn't made a huge profit yet, will that extra work to create specific mobile ads make them lose money?

They'll likely do well considering the use of Tumblr is becoming quite prominent on smartphones. Any company considering not going the adaptive mobile ad route would have to consider how much smartphone business they receive. The world of social media has the advantage considering how many times a day people check their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

A normal business, though, will have to investigate exactly what their customers are using the most before springing ahead with mobile advertising. Google Analytics can help you figure out exactly how people are using smartphones to view your marketing methods.