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How to drive sales with an easy checkout process?

  • Posted by Nitin Jain
  • November 23, 2016 3:24 AM HST
Are you unable to make maximum sales with your Magento checkout process? Adopt these simple tips that can help in achieving more sales and conversions for your store.

simple checkout extension for getting higher sales and conversions | knowband

An easy checkout process is a ticket to higher conversions and sales as it makes online shopping much easier for buyers around the world. There can be certain flaws in the checkout process that could deviate the buyers from your online store. If you are looking to have a quick turn around for your Magento site, it is better to focus on the checkout process without any delay. 

A simplified checkout process can play a significant role in boosting the growth and conversions for an online store, so don’t create unnecessary hurdles for your online shoppers. If you are a Magento store owner, it becomes your moral obligation to offer a quick and easy online shopping experience through your Magento checkout process. Here are the steps you need to do for achieving maximum product sales.                   

1. Indicate the progress of your shopping cart- It will be in the interest of your business if you can guide your customers during the entire online shopping experience. Show them their actual progress on a shopping cart while slowly taking them to the final checkout process. When your customers will be aware of their current status, they will be more engaged on your online store. Inform customers what needs to be done by them next on the checkout page for better sales and conversions.  

There are various eCommerce checkout plugins for Magento store owners that can help in simplifying the online shopping experience. These plugins guide visitors on an eCommerce store in a step by step manner for a smooth online shopping experience.                              

2. Security of online payment- 

How to drive sales with an easy checkout process- Security of online payment | Knowband

We all are clearly aware of the numerous online frauds and problems in an online transaction. There are various hackers that are trying to steal your personal card details for forge payments, which increase the vulnerability of online payments. Make sure that the third party payment system you are using is secure and capable of handling online threats. To earn the confidence and trust of your customers regarding your payment systems, site owners need to earn trust badges and security seals.

Apart from this, you can take the help of a Fraud Detection system to avoid hackers to perform illegal online transactions through your online store. The system keeps a track of the anonymous IP addresses, unauthorized client-server requests, unsecured wireless connections and other such mechanisms. All these steps would prove an additional support to the Magento checkout process on your site for optimum business results.       

3. Simplify the checkout process on your site- Any online shopper wants product purchase in quick simple steps and this can be possible only with an engaging checkout process. Remove unnecessary checkout steps and fields in the checkout process for building customer attention. Don’t force them to fill irrelevant personal details as it can make them leave your site and increase shopping cart abandonment. Keep the entire checkout process short, simplified and engaging for getting maximum product sales. Try to keep unnecessary information as optional on the checkout page of your site to boost customer engagement and sales. A better way to improve the performance of your Magento site would be to install a Magento One Page Checkout extension from the Knowband store.                    

4. Use a simple site layout and design-

How to drive sales with an easy checkout process- Use a simple site layout and design | Knowband

Don’t clutter your site with unnecessary background elements, flash components and other such design elements. They not only increase the loading time of a website but also causes the customer distraction. It will be ideal to use A/B testing and heatmap extension on your eCommerce site for improving the landing page and design of your website. By analyzing the weak areas of your site through heatmap reports, it will be much easier to improve the site performance and navigation.             

5. Keep the registration process easy- Every website needs a registration process that can immediately engage site visitors. You need registration process for sign up process, checkout process, newsletter/ebook subscription and other such purposes. Don’t let your customers keep scratching their heads for a smooth registration process. It is an impressive way to grab more customer attention and sales on your online store.    

In the end      

Don’t be disappointed if your Magento store can’t grab more conversions and sales amid your business rivals. There are a lot of things besides a Magento checkout process that can turn things in your favor. So, grab more sales and conversions for your store with these simple tips mentioned above.