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Use Shopping Cart Abandonment Data to Increase Conversions Using Google Remarketing

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • August 14, 2013 5:12 AM HST
After all the work you've put into landing pages, conversion paths and everything else you perfect on your ecommerce website you will inevitably deal with shopping cart abandonment. Here are a few Google Remarketing methods to improve your conversions.

Without a doubt, one of the most frustrating metrics in e-commerce is shopping cart abandonment. A huge amount of resources are spent by businesses attempting to get an e-commerce visitor to add an item to his shopping cart. Yet, just when you think a visitor is converting, the potential customer vanishes from the site, most likely never to be seen again.

Industry wide, shopping cart abandonment rates are quoted as ranging from 55% to as high as 80%. Your mileage may vary of course, but clearly any reduction in abandonment rates translates to increased conversions, a higher ROI and a boost to your bottom line.

There are two basic strategies you can adopt to combat a high shopping cart abandonment rate. One strategy is of course to optimize your checkout process and the second is to communicate with all those customers who were on the brink of converting and convincing them to come back. The latter strategy is what Google Remarketing is all about.

Google Remarketing is comprised of three pre-existing Google programs; Google Adwords, Google Analytics and the Google Content Network. The concept is simple:

  • Target specific customers using cookies and Google Analytics.
  • Create enticing ads for the Google Content Network.
  • Adwords serves them up to your abandoned cart customers as they surf any sites which are part of the Google Content Network.


  • A customer visits your site and places a pair of shoes in her shopping cart. A cookie is added to her PC.
  • The customer gets to step 2 of 3 in the check-out process then suddenly changes her mind and closes her browser. That's an abandoned cart.
  • At the end of the business day you track all your abandoned cart customers with Google Analytics and create a list, which you then upload to Google Adwords.
  • When your customer visits any site which happens to be part of the Google Content Network (there are millions) she will be shown one of your customized banners. Your banners are meant to provide some added value in order to entice the customer to re-consider purchasing from your site. You may want to offer free shipping, a discount or a giveaway.
  • The customer remembers your site, clicks on the ad and gets taken back to your site where she will hopefully complete the purchase this time around while taking advante of the added incentive.

The cost for this service is simply the Google Content Network click, which is usually considerably lower than a traditional PPC click. Yet you are targeting a customer who is much more likely to convert than the average customer to your site. You are also improving all sort of Key Performance Indicators, such as conversion rates, bounce rates, return visitor rates and maybe even visits to purchase.

Clearly, you can choose to target not only abandoned cart customers but any customer who has performed a measureable action within Google Analytics. You can target customers who simply viewed a specific item, or who visited your site for a set number of minutes or even customers who purchased an item and whom you want to offer an accessory.