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How to Create a Viral Marketing Campaign

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • April 3, 2013 12:17 AM HST
Viral marketing, or word of mouth marketing, is one of the most effective marketing techniques a business can use to exponentially increase brand awareness. Learn some simple viral marketing techniques that leverage great content with the viral power of social media sharing, videos, E-books and reports. Anyone can create a successful viral marketing campaign.

Viral marketing is just a fancy term for word-of-mouth advertising. The most effective endorsement for a product is a recommendation from a friend. The internet has amplified this effect exponentially. It is now possible to reach literally millions of customers through the internet.

Modern consumers tend to ignore traditional advertising such as television or newspaper advertisements. On the other hand, sixty percent of consumers are more likely to respond when a friend recommends a product or service. This is the potential power of viral marketing.

There are several techniques that can be employed to create viral marketing campaigns. All of them revolve around the same core ingredient, content. Content is the cornerstone for all viral marketing strategies. The form the content takes can vary.

Following are some tips for creating effective viral marketing campaigns.

Social Media:

Social media is perhaps the most obvious choice for viral marketing. A clever postcard or creative meme can take Facebook by storm. Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram also offer tremendous potential for viral marketing success.


You Tube is quickly becoming one of the most visited sites on the web. Informational or clever videos can connect with millions of potential customers. There are several techniques for creating videos that are engaging and informational even for those who are camera shy. Many videos employ screen-shot or white-board instructions accompanied by voice-over. There are several tutorials available that demonstrate how to make videos.

Twitter and Facebook Buttons:

These buttons encourage website visitors to share products or services they like. This is an easy way to let visitors share content and make recommendations on the fly.

E-Books and Reports:

Engage customers and build loyalty by giving away useful information in the form of an e-book or report. Information that is educational and engaging will offer value to customers. Customers can pass this information to their friends.

It is easy to create a winning viral marketing strategy. The cornerstone is high-quality content. Once the content is created it can be shared across the internet using Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or any other popular social media outlet.