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Retargeting in Display Advertising is Beginning to Grow in Email and Social Media

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • August 26, 2013 3:34 AM HST
Generate click throughs via retargeting your display advertising on other websites. Re-engage your potential customers with more personalized ads on their next visit to grab their attention.

Display advertising is now a significant part of marketing online where the pay-per-click model helps pave the way toward an online business bringing in some income. What happens, though, when someone doesn't initially click on your advertising display seen on websites or on email systems? The process of retargeting in online advertising has been around a while, though it's starting to evolve into something better and grow in places where's it's long overdue.

How Does Retargeting Work?

When you enable cookies on your browser, affiliated sites that allow display advertising will use that to track whether you clicked the ad or not. When you revisit the site, the practice of retargeting comes in that same ad changing so it better grabs your attention as incentive to click. But this approach can work in various ways that make it more personalized and associative to what, where and who you are.

The Different Types of Retargeting

While site retargeting is fairly common, some targeting and retargeting in display advertising go by keywords someone uses in a search. Other display advertising works by geography and targeting or retargeting an ad toward a specific city or state. One of the most valuable tools is in the contextual display ad process where ads are shown on a site that fits to the same subject, as in a health product on a health-related site.

Retargeting can ultimately use psychology in inciting people to re-visit a business site, particularly when it compels someone to find the solution to something they're searching for online.

Will Retargeted Display Advertising Grow in Email?

Strongmail recently announced that they've set up a cross-channel marketing system in their Message Studio email to easier display retargeted display ads. The new process they've devised will help give more of a personalized feel to retargeting based on the types of emails people receive. It's a true step forward for the display ad by honing in more specifically on those more apt to click an ad based on email preferences.

You already see display ads in other email systems. Strongmail's new marketing solution may eventually be copied and bring a new era to how display advertising can grow.

Twitter is Taking on Facebook

Facebook has already been using the retargeted ad process for a while through a brand title of Facebook Exchange. Now Twitter is stepping into this arena and could potentially open the floodgates for advertisers to customize their display advertising in places that can exponentially increase business. Within a year, the display advertising industry could be at its most advantageous place as wider exposure and retargeting methods make advertising more personalized without direct interaction.