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Apps for Mobile Advertising

  • Posted by Top Affiliate
  • October 5, 2013 4:52 PM HST
Tap into a massive market with mobile apps. Engage existing and new customers with effective mobile advertising.

Many of us spend hours each day hunched over the small screen on our smartphones.  Smart marketers are learning that apps are the hottest trend in mobile advertising.

In a recent article published by Harvard Business Review (March 2013), Sunil Gupta demonstrates that while 10% of media is consumed through mobile devices, advertisers spend just 1% of their money in the mobile arena.  Unfortunately, much of that money is squandered as users don’t like banner ads or other traditional web advertisements roughly translated to the small screen.

Instead, apps are a cost-effective way to engage with consumers.  An average smartphone user downloads about 40 apps to their phone and regularly uses about 15 of them.  Advertisers can capitalize on apps to add value for consumers and to enhance their brand image.  Here are five strategies to succeed in mobile advertising.

First, provide convenience to customers.  Think of on-line banking where scanning a check results in a net deposit, checking in for a flight at the airport, or even providing proof of car insurance during a routine traffic stop.

Second, offer a unique value proposition.  Nike+ is a great example of integrating apps with products.  A sensor installed in a running shoe tracks distance, speed, and other parameters for users.  The app is free but the sales of sensors and shoes give unique value to the Nike brand.

Next, provide value for social connections.  A popular new app on Facebook is “Wrapp” in which friend can send Starbuck’s gift cards via the social media app.

Another strategy for advertisers and marketers with mobile apps is to offer incentives.  Supermarkets in the Safeway chain offer special discounts and incentive coupons to their app users, solidifying the customer relationship.

Finally, apps are entertaining and certainly more so than banner ads.  Game apps can engage a customer and subtly expose the consumer to the brand repeatedly – an advertiser’s dream!

Mobile advertising is quickly changing the world today.  Apps provide a novel and largely untapped approach to engaging existing and new customers