Making Money With Parked Web Domain Names Using WhyPark.com

Do you own a gazillion domain names you’re planning on developing….someday. I myself have somewhat of an addiction to buying up domain names. I don’t think a month has gone by where I haven’t purchased one or two domain names I thought were "absolutely brilliant."

At last count I was the proud owner of 125 domains. Whoopee! In reality, I’ll probably only develop a handful of these domains and will auction the rest off…hopefully. So there they sit…parked in all their glory not doing diddly squat for ME…but raking in some nice income for my registrar of choice Go Daddy Domain Name Registration.

I know this sounds all too familiar to MANY of you. So what are all of us wannabe domaineering marketers to do?

I found a solution.

What if I told you could turn those worthless domains into money making content sites that get indexed, pull in traffic and generate page rank. You’d be all over it like flies on…well you know.

Check out WhyPark.com

Here’s What WhyPark.com Does For You (in their words):

  • You choose the keywords that are relevant to your domain name & WhyPark.com does the rest!
  • REAL Content, articles and press releases are displayed on your completely developed web site
  • Fresh content is added to your web site daily. The only content that appears on your web site is directly related to the keywords that you’ve chosen.
  • Visitors will bookmark and come back over and over again to read new articles on the subjects that interest them and brought them to your site in the first place.

Search Engines Will Love Your Web Sites

Search engines follow, index and rank web sites with real, keyword rich content. While domain parking is useless and will not rank on search engines, your WhyPark.com web sites are packed with quality, themed content. Plus, we professionally optimize your web site for search engines with the following features:

  • Keyword rich titles on every page
  • Easy to follow index pages and automatically updated site maps
  • High keyword density. Since the only articles that appear on your web site are related to the exact keywords you’ve chosen, the result is a themed, content-rich web site with high keyword density
  • Layout and code optimized for search engines
  • New content is added daily keeping search engines coming back for more
  • Duplicate content is a thing of the past; rotating article introductions on every page are based on your keywords and every page is always unique
  • Automated Google Sitemap creation

Are you seeing the benefits here? Using just one (1) account from WhyPark.com you can host up to 100 domains and it only costs a paltry one-time fee of $99.95 (per 100 domains). This is probably one of the best things out there to launch a massive pseudo VRE empire in ohhh…about a day.

The trick is how to drive traffic to these sites…..and I have some ideas. I’ll let you know how that works out after I do some testing.

Anyhow, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you consider purchasing an account with WhyPark.com if you have a multitude of web domain names just collecting dust. If you only have a few domains than this probably isn’t a good solution for you. 20+ domains and I think you’ll see the benefits.

Until next time!

Stephen Ralph

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