3 Essential Social Marketing Strategies Affiliate Marketers Forget to Use

Social Marketing StrategiesSocial media has changed the way affiliate marketers communicate with their customers. Before, there was a one-way dialogue between the two where communication really only consisted of providing a link and hoping for a sale. Today, there are more two-way conversations taking place with relationships being built and connections being made through social marketing strategies.  This type of communication really helps build the trust and credibility needed for increased sales.   With that said, below are 3 strategies that many affiliate marketers fail to use in their social marketing strategies that could boost their conversions up exponentially.

Social Marketing Strategies Tip #1: Use Images Properly

On sites like Facebook, it is almost imperative to attach an image with your post.  This is due to images receiving almost 100% increased engagement versus just plain text posts.  To take it even further, now you will notice images referred to as ‘meme’s’, which make the images more engaging since they include interesting and fun text on them. Meme’s are very popular these days and tend to go viral with people hitting the like button, commenting and sharing.  This activity triggers Facebook’s algorithm which in turn gets your image out to even more people.

Social Marketing Strategies Tip #2: Hit Different Time Zones

Successful marketers are known to post the same content multiple times because they know they are able to reach more followers in various time zones. This has shown to increase traffic to the posted content. This is especially true of Twitter where posting multiple times in different time zones can actually increase page views from 600 to as much as 2400 depending on the amount of followers.

Social Marketing Strategies Tip #3: Target more Social Sites

Don’t just stop at Twitter and Facebook for your social marketing strategies.  By spreading your content out to a variety of social channels and not just the larger networks, you will increase the amount of engagement you get with your brand.  There are many different social sites where you can submit specific content like contests on Sweepstakes.com or infographics on Visual.ly.  Also sites like Google+ might not give you the most engagement, but it will definitely have a big impact on your organic ranking.

Typically, you will want to go with what works best for your affiliate marketing campaign.  Social marketing strategies work well and benefits many marketers, but testing out different strategies for your particular unique customer demographic and being flexible with this type of marketing will ultimately help you to figure out what works best for you.

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