Social Media Marketing: Big Brand Tips and Niche Social Networks

If you are a small business owner, you may find it challenging to compete with the big brands when it comes to traditional marketing and advertising. Without huge marketing budgets, the small guys just don’t seem to be able to stand out above the crowd. The age of social media has leveled the playing field and now small businesses can use many of the same social media ideas used by the big guys in their own social marketing efforts.

Walmart uses YouTube videos to build better engagement

By visiting the Walmart Associate Stories YouTube channel, you will find that they have produced simple videos of employee interviews. By focusing on their employees, Walmart is featuring the personality of the business. These videos aren’t overproduced and any business could feature them without spending a lot of money. Your current and potential customers will love the way you humanize your business and make your message relatable.

Starbucks even makes photos of drink cups unique

The leader in the retail coffee industry has embraced social media and has a significance presence in many different social networks. Starbucks has a My Starbucks Idea website that actually promotes social engagement. They take simple ideas, like photos of drink cups taken at different angles, and make each social post personable. You should focus on things that make your business unique and tell your story in a way that gives your brand a visual personality. The cost for this is very minimal.

Coca-Cola makes social engagement fun

You may feel that you must offer a free gift in order to attract comments in social media, but Coke has found a way to make things fun and not give away anything. They use trivia questions. They spark their fans’ curiosity by making two different posts, one with the non-traditional trivia question and the other with the answer. Not only does Coke promote their products, but they make it possible to receive double customer engagement – one to answer the question and one after they read the answer. How difficult would it be for you to share a little about your brand and your products using trivia?

Even though the big brands have more money to offer big prizes, there is no reason why you can’t use some of their fantastic marketing ideas to enhance your social media efforts. The key is consistency. You can’t expect results to be immediate. When your followers or fans learn what to expect from you, they will continue to come back to see what happens next. A little imagination and creativity can build fan loyalty and keep your social media audiences engaged.

3 Social Undercover Social Networks That Are Goldmines For You:

We just discussed what the big guys are doing in the social media marketing realm but here’s a niche social networks  you can gain the upper-hand in.  Almost every business in the world is using Facebook and Twitter to connect, engage, and amplify their message to the world. Sometimes, on these networks it is hard to determine the differences between the signal and the noise. While these networks have a giant user base, there are other social networks that have smaller and passionate users that can be an enormous opportunity to your business. We will discuss 3 social networks that can be goldmines for you:

Social Networks:

Social Networks - Quora#1 Quora If your business is an expert in anything, you should be on Quora. Quora is a social network slash question-and-answer site that will help boost your search engine rankings and establish your company as a thought leader or an expert in your industry. Pick some questions and answer them. Don’t forget to identify who you are and disclaim when you’re pitching your business. Transparency is appreciated, almost required.
Social Networks - Tumblr#2 Tumblr Depending on your audience, Tumblr might not work for you. But if your audience is teenagers, Tumblr is where you want to be. This social network is heavy on visual media (especially animated GIFs) so focus on that. Try to keep your posts related to your business but don’t stress if it isn’t. Tumblr isn’t as serious as the other social networks.
Social Networks - Google+#3 Google+ (Google Plus) Oh, Google Plus. Almost everyone kind of hates Google Plus. Google essentially forces you to use it but hardly anyone does. So why should you use it? Because it’s good for search engine optimization. Post your blogs or news. Start a discussion. Without a character limit, Google Plus is actually a good place for long-form discussions.

By utilizing these more obscure social networks, you can leverage them to market and grow your business.  If you do not have the time to implement your own social media marketing strategies check out our list of social media marketing services that can satisfy any niche!

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