Will Google Domains Help Online Businesses?

Acquiring domain names has always been important in making sure a website is found easily while also giving the site its proper domain designation. For years now, though, services like GoDaddy have been providing the majority of domain names for businesses, even if they’ve had some major slowdowns recently. With so many domain names already taken, it’s possible that some businesses are having a hard time finding the type of domain name they really want.

Google is now stepping into the fray with a currently invite-only website called Google Domains that will help your business register a domain name with some special features. It may be the push your own business needs to get a domain name you truly want so you can attract the most customers. This could also bring a new renaissance to online businesses in using recently new domain names already attracting more attention.

Google Domains

It shouldn’t be surprising that Google is bringing yet another business tool forward since they’ve been providing plenty of business features that help businesses get found and make more money. They’re also into this as a symbiotic relationship since they get something back as much as the businesses do. Going through their new Google Domains, businesses can reportedly pay about $12 a year to register a domain name.

The real selling point of Google Domains is that they let you transfer your existing domain name to their service while also providing more variety on new ones. Recent popular additions to domain names using .guru and .photography, for instance, can soon be found on Google Domains. That alone gives expansion to domain names to allow far more businesses to use names they couldn’t before.

With millions of domain names taken every year, the world of finding one that’s unique is becoming much more challenging. But will Google enable a new renaissance in online businesses to join the Google circle and manage to monetize their site further?

Going Private Before Going Public

Another strong selling point of Google Domains is that you can register your new domain name in private so no one will know who signed up for it. This level of privacy should already attract reluctant businesses to sign up for domain names they’ve been long wanting. Having a wider selection of unique domain names available is also going to help an online business gain better attention online, especially through SEO where a memorable business title is going to matter. That’s especially true when you can use a service in the title of your business and not have to worry about it being already taken.

The goal, of course, is for Google to bring more businesses online and use their own services as part of the above symbiotic process. Regardless, having better domain names available is going to help in the social marketing process as well where your domain name can potentially become a meme.

Google Domains Features

  • No additional cost for private registration
  • Branded emails
  • Easy domain forwarding
  • Customizable sub-domains
  • Fast, secure and reliable Internet infrastructure with Google
  • Simple domain management tools
  • Easy integration with top website builders
  • New domain endings
  • Support

Google Domains registration prices starting at $12/year.

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