Developing a Twitter Marketing Strategy That Really Works

How to use Twitter for Business Marketing

To be effective in marketing on Twitter and other social platforms, you must learn to not think like a marketer. Creating two-way conversations requires something most marketers are not used to – active listening. Let’s explore some tactics to use in developing a Twitter marketing strategy that really works.

You may be asking yourself whether your business marketing efforts really need include a Twitter marketing strategy.  I present you to exhibit A, compliments of Ben Wagner.  While this data is from 2010 Twitter usage has only slightly ebbed via desktop mediums but it has exponentially exploded via mobile applications.

Twitter Marketing Strategy Infographic

Infographic courtesy of www.benfwagner.com

 Twitter Marketing Must Begin With Understanding Your Audience

Your goal in Twitter marketing strategy must be to build relationships that create an emotional connection between your brand and your customers. You can extend your social reach by following your existing customers and let them spread the word. If you are a small business owner, you should follow the most influential people in your industry and start engaging them. Just make sure you don’t end up following a lot of irrelevant users.

Determine Your Twitter Marketing Strategy Goals

Many businesses seem so busy in trying to use social platforms like Twitter, they end up ignoring the basics that ultimately result in less than ideal results. It is important not to Tweet just for the sake of it. You must figure out how you can use Twitter as a marketing tool and how it can best fit into your overall Twitter marketing strategy.

Tactics for an Effective Twitter Marketing Strategy

Once you have clearly defined your audience and understand your goals, it is much easier to focus on popularity tactics that will make your social interaction effective. If you represent a business, your Twitter page must be consistent in delivering your message to the appropriate audience.

There are a few tactics that are almost always a good idea for your Twitter marketing strategy.  So here are some easy Twitter marketing tips for you to implement moving into 2015:

  • Fill in your Twitter profile completely
  • Have a good professional photo
  • Link to your blog or website
  • If people follow you, follow them back to see what they have to say
  • Acknowledge those who mention you or “retweet” your posts
  • Always be polite
  • Share valuable content
  • Don’t sell

As of September 2014, Twitter was ranked the fourth most viewed social network. It is often referred to as a micro-blogging site because you can share anything in 140 characters or less. Social media marketing is a cost-effective way to bring in positive results for your growing business. You must always be prepared to find creative ways to find out what works and what doesn’t.

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