How to Keep Up with Mobile Advertising

Grow Your Business with Mobile Advertising

Mobile AdvertisingKeeping up with mobile advertising may seem difficult, but we’ve got some ways to make that task a bit easier. The first thing you need to know is that mobile ad revenues are expected increase dramatically.

This has a few implications. The first is that businesses are investing heavily in mobile advertisements. Because the number of smartphones and tablets grows every year, businesses are starting to shift their focus more to mobile devices.

Another implication is that mobile advertisements are very effective. Because they’re often clicked by consumers, businesses have an incentive to invest in them.

But just how much are mobile ad revenues expected to grow? A recent Forbes article predicts the growth of the industry:

“Mobile ad revenues will jump 83%, to $17.7 billion. That represents almost 10% of all ad spending, as people quickly spend more and more time peering at the smartphones and kicking back with their tablets–a total of two hours and 51 minutes a day, up 32 minutes from just a year ago.”

If you’re planning on investing in mobile advertising, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. If you want your investment to be as efficient as possible, you’ll have to do a bit of research.

For example, mobile advertisements vary in effectiveness depending on the time of day. You have to consider when people are using their mobile devices and when they’re using their desktops. Generally speaking, desktops are now reserved for office work. That means that from 9 AM to 5 PM in a given timezone, mobile advertisements probably won’t be relatively effective.

But either before or after those hours, people will be on their smartphones and tablets. This is the time to trigger your advertisements to maximize their potential.

So here are 3 awesome mobile advertising tips for business growth!

Advertising on mobile phones is an industry vertical that barely existed 7 years ago. As we discussed earlier the mobile advertising industry now pulls close to US$20 billion dollar/year in revenue, but questions about mobile ads remain. Here are 3 tips for your business to keep in mind when starting mobile advertising campaigns.

Mobile Advertising Tip #1: Target

Target your customers by location. One of the benefits to mobile advertising is that location data can be available to the company serving your ad, which makes it possible to target specific locations. This way, you can narrow your scope by presenting ads only in specific areas – for instance, advertising your Chicago store to mobile users in Chicago, and not those in Milwaukee.

Mobile Advertising Tip #2:Design for the Mobile Experience

Do not conflate your mobile ads with advertising on other platforms. All ad data is not created equal! If you are running multiple ads for desktop and mobile, you want that information separated out so you can see what works on specific platforms. Make sure you request that your mobile advertising partner separate any data that needs it.

Mobile Advertising Tip #:Simple Works Best

Don’t make your ads too complicated. Even while mobile screen sizes increase, mobile ads should still be compact and fairly unobtrusive. Complex desktop browser ads may succeed because of the larger format and the assumption that the viewer has time. Ads on mobile devices are more likely to be seen while the customer is on the go, which does not lend to watching long videos or entering multiple fields of information. Concise and simple interactions win the day with mobile ads.

By adhering to these 3 principles, you can see remarkable improvement in the performance of your mobile advertising.  Good luck!

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