WordPress Google Plus Auto Posting with NextScripts SNAP

Social Networks Auto-PosterI love API’s.  For me a good API solves a problem I have in conducting my online business efficiently.  One annoying problem I have had was Google Plus auto posting.  However, our good friends over at NextScripts have developed the Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) Plugin for WordPress.  This WordPress plugin is the solution to not only Google Plus auto posting but for any other social networking site you’d like to publish your content to on WordPress.

For years I have used the LinksAlpha pro version and for the most part they’ve been great.  However, the one social network they’ve never added to their incredible auto publishing list is Google Plus.  This means I still have to manually update every post I make on the Top Affiliate Blog to Google Plus.  I don’t know about you but this adds another publishing step that I often forget to follow through on.  Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about remembering to post my content to Google Plus with NextScripts SNAP.

Google Plus for Business: Is Google Plus Auto Posting Even Important?

Sure, we’ve all asked ourselves, “Is Google Plus worth using?  Especially after the death of Google Authorship in August 2014?”  In short yes and here’s why:’

  1. The Number #1 reason…faste indexing.  It has been hotly disputed whether publishing your content to Google Plus will get your content indexed faster.  CMSwire recently posted the following on their blog:

    “When you publish new content, e.g. a blog post, always take a moment to +1 and share your new post on Google Plus. Sometimes, this can lead to indexing of the new content on the same day, although it can take 24-48 hours to show up in a Google Alert from what I’ve witnessed. Why not take advantage of an open line to Google where you can easily and quickly notify them that there is something new to crawl on the site?” Social signals impact search rank.

  2. Google Plus gives you yet another platform to share and discover great content.

  3. The quality of content shared, interpersonal discussions and community engagement is far greater on Google Plus

  4. Google Plus Hangouts

So Let’s See How Google Plus Auto Posting with NextScripts SNAP Works

Installing the SNAP is a snap:

  1. Setup is easy.  Simply navigate to your ‘Add Plugins’ page within your WordPress Dashboard and do a search for NextScripts.
  2. Download and activate the Free version of the plugin.
  3. After the free plugin is installed you’ll need to get a copy of Social Networks Auto Poster for $49.95 (limited time only) which includes the Google Plus API.
  4. Once you make your purchase download/upload the zip within your WordPress Dashboard like you would with any other external plugin.  Do not delete your free NextScripts plugin as this is required to run your paid version.
  5. Under your ‘Settings’ tab navigate to ‘{SNAP} Social Networks Auto-Poster’ and add your SNAP Activation key (Serial Number) by clicking the link.

Google Plus Auto Posting with NextScripts SNAP

  1. Yes, as I mentioned earlier this WordPress plugin can auto post to almost every social network on the planet but for the purposes of this post I’m only discussing Google Plus since this is the only Google Plus auto posting plugin that I know of.  You’ll notice adding social network accounts is pretty straightforward by simply clicking ‘Add new account’.  If you’re using this plugin to post to your personal profile leave the Google Plus Page ID box empty; otherwise enter your numerical Google Plus Page ID number.
    Test Post

    Sending My First Test Update

  2. I had to play around with the Message text Format box to get my desired display on Google Plus.  So make sure you utilize the ‘Submit Test Post to Google’ button to ensure your post is properly formatted on your Google Plus page.  Here’s what my test post looked like.
    Posted Test Post

    Oh Snap! It works!

    3. Now let’s try a real post…yep, I forgot to manually add a few recent posts to my page before I discovered the beauty of Google Plus auto posting with NextScripts SNAP:

Recent Post to Submit

My first attempt at the right Message Text Format used the following string:
%IMG% New post (%TITLE%) has been published on %SITENAME% – %EXCERPT% – Read more at %URL% – %CATS% | %TAGS% | %HTAGS%

 And yielded the following result…

First Post

These are not the droids …rather not the formatting I was looking for. I needed to remove the image code, category code and tag codes since they were not active links.

 After a quick edit to the ‘Message Text Format’ field I submitted my second Google Plus auto posting test and got the desired formatting:

Post 3

Sweet, this Google Plus auto posting plugin works brilliantly!
(%TITLE%) has been published on %SITENAME% – %EXCERPT% – Read more at %URL% – %HTAGS%

Hopefully you’ll find this Google Plus Auto Posting plugin as useful as I have.  Invariably, someone will comment about a free plugin that I didn’t come across but remember this is an excellent plugin that can handle ALL of your automated social media posting…not just Google Plus Auto Posting!  Enjoy.

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