3 Reasons to Find Good Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation SoftwareMarketing automation is a buzzword that’s been floating around the industry for a few years now. That’s no surprise considering that when it’s done right, marketing automation can be immensely successful: conversion rate increases by over 50 percent, while costs decrease by a third for companies using marketing automation.

In fact, according to a recent post by Ad Age:

“Nearly all (98%) of small-business software buyers are shopping for marketing-automation software for the first time, according to a new report by research firm Software Advice, a division of Gartner.”

Still, despite its recent success, the concept is still in its infancy. Various marketing automation software solutions are battling for supremacy, while marketers look to find the best ways to implement and evaluate their own marketing automation tactics.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Finding the Right Marketing Automation Software is So Important:

1) Using the Concept to Full Capacity

Marketing automation software is complex. A single look into a solution like HubSpot may leave even the most experienced marketer confused by options like Prospect Monitoring or Automation Workflows. A common reaction is to take a step back and use the software only for surface-level marketing automation needs like email marketing.

But good solutions allow you to dig deeper by offering easy-to-understand tutorials and webinars, guiding you toward using their features to full capacity. All of a sudden, workflows and prospect monitoring become familiar concept, and your marketing automation efforts improve as a result.

2) Avoiding Common Obstacles

A recent survey showed that lack of quality content and lack of an effective strategy were the most common obstacles in marketing automation. Good software, of course, takes care of both. To stick with the HubSpot example, the solution’s email editor gives marketers ‘best practice’ tips as they edit emails, allowing them to optimize their content before publishing it. At the same time, the software’s Campaigns tool lets marketers organize their efforts into a coherent hub, giving them a more strategic overview of their marketing automation.

3) Finding Success Metrics

Finally, good marketing automation software allows users to find the right metrics for success.

  • Just what matters in digital marketing?
  • Should you emphasize social media engagement, website clicks, email open rates or landing page conversions?
  • How do all of those concepts play together to get to your ultimate goal, gaining customers?

Good marketing automation solutions guide you through the process and allow you to easily measure and benchmark success.

Drip Email Marketing AutomationYou may have noticed we recently started using the email marketing automation software provided by Drip.  Drip is an incredibly easy marketing automation solution to set up and comes with a free 21-day trial.  Aside from the 21-day trial, simplicity, cost effectiveness, integration with LeadPages, etc., one of the deciding factors for us switching to Drip was their unique concierge service.  You simply send the Drip team some great content and they’ll craft an exceptional 5-Day mini email course for free.  That sort of customer service and personalization is hard to come by nowadays.

So if you’re interested in marketing automation software and are looking for the perfect solution for your needs,  contact us! Your efforts will be improved as a result.

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