4 Aggressive Internet Marketing Tactics that Cause Distrust in Followers

Aggressive Internet Marketing Tactics

Through the years we’ve seen many different internet marketing strategies come and go but these 4 aggressive internet marketing tactics will always incite displeasure and distrust with your web users and precious subscribers.  And what are these 4?

It’s only fitting in 2015 that we would focus our attention on social media marketing faux pas.

Most Internet marketers can agree that social media is a networkers playground when it comes to promoting their business and connecting with targeted prospects online. This platform alone has collectively raked in multi-millions for this industry at relatively low (if any at all) marketing costs. It is one of the most effective mediums to build your brand, drive traffic to your sites, generate leads, and convert sales.

But these results are bred through a good social media marketing plan where you are strategic in your postings, interactions, and content. In fact, only a few execute proper Internet marketing etiquette especially since thousands of newbies are joining home based businesses daily. They are applying assertive traditional offline marketing techniques and bombarding social media with these aggressive internet marketing tactics.

In lieu of posting flyers on everyone’s cars, newbies (and even seasoned marketers who just don’t know any better) are constantly blasting their friend’s social media walls with their business opportunities. Ridiculousness! Plus a sure way to get “blocked”.

There are more profound ways to use online strategies like social media to grow your business, but let’s explore those aggressive Internet marketing tactics that will cause those in your network to distrust and unfollow you.

4 Aggressive Marketing Tactics that Turns Your Potential Prospects Away

#1 Only posting about your business – Join me now, join me today, contact and join me here…yawn…boring.  It’s like walking into a store and having a sales rep try to sell you something from every shelf in the store.  How long would you stay before you split?

#2 Tagging people in your promo ads – Especially without alerting them first.  This is like name dropping hoping to get a little more exposure.  Unless your writing a post that highlights their product or service, references a quote, figure, statistic, etc, you shouldn’t be doing this.

#3 Posting about different business opportunities – This is also known as the “shiny object syndrome”…it shows inconsistency and inconsistency shows a distinct lack of direction and commitment.  Do not promote just for the sake of promoting something new.  It will be completely transparent to your followers and will almost certainly tarnish your reputation among your peers.

#4 Advertising through private messaging – Sending unsolicited PM’s or DM’s with the intention to just promote is a MAJOR turn off.  Gosh…this is so old school from back in the day when Forums ruled the web.  We hated it then and we hate it even more now on social media.

3 Tips on Proper Internet Marketing Etiquette

#1 Being strategic and purposeful in your posts

Have a solid plan for your social media marketing. It should be a combination of content (like a blog post or video), inspirational posts, trending topics that engages your followers, funny/humorous, images, testimonials, and some business related posts.

#2 Engage and interact with followers

Remember, social media is all about being interactive and having fun! Show your audience that you’re a real person by commenting on others posts, retweeting, and sharing their content too. People do business with those they know, like and trust…being engaging is one way to move your audience in this direction.

#3 Share value

Consider the 80/20 rule when sharing your business online…80% value and 20% business related. Share information that interests your market. Keep them coming back to your page! And always try to solve problems in your niche.

Certainly Internet marketing has made it easier for affiliates to advertise their business online. The key is to implement effective strategies that will create favorable results while building rapport with your followers and potential prospects.  Invest in training or model top leaders in your industry that will show you how to properly market online.

For more information on how to create a plan that promotes your business and targets quality prospects, please contact us here. We’d be happy to help!

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