4 Major Internet Marketing Tools Needed to Build Any Business Online

As with any project or venture such as building a house, baking a cake, and fixing a car, there are tools and resources that you absolutely must have in order for a successful outcome. There’s no way that you can build a house without brick and wood…or bake a cake without having a mixing bowl. These are key ingredients in order create the final product.

The same is true for building your business online. Without the proper Internet marketing tools, you are setting yourself up for frustration and failure. You will not yield the desired results because you are coming to the table ill-prepared. Growing a business using the Internet is not hard, but it’s a necessity to having the right equipment to make it happen.

Here are the four Internet marketing tools that every successful marketer has in their belt to create traffic, capture leads, and convert sales.

#1 Lead Capture Page (LCP)

Also called a “squeeze page” or “opt-in page”, your LCP is a must because it literally captures your leads. Generating leads is the top priority in marketing because this is where the bulk of your sales will come from…your leads list. Without a good capture page, you will not be able to grow a list. This is the first essential step and tool to have in place in order to consider building any kind of business online!

Tip: Across our network we use LeadPages for most of our LCP’s.  Leadpages has a vast array of customized templates to choose from, statistical tracking, lead magnet delivery system and a slew of other useful tools making it one of the best lead capture internet marketing tools on the web.

#2 Email Marketing Software

Most refer to this as an autoresponder which is a tool used to email your list correspondence on a consistent basis. In other words, you are messaging them daily sharing valuable information that resonates with your target market. This is where you establish trust and build rapport with a people who are still getting to know you. Using an effective email marketing campaign, this is how you make money with your leads…by selling to your list.

You can also automate your marketing by pre-setting email messages prior to a lead opting into your list.

Tip: Like thousands of other online marketers we use Aweber as our email marketing software in conjunction with Drip email automation an segmentation.  In addition, Aweber is just $1 for a trial membership and Drip has a 21-day FREE trial.  Give them a try.

#3 Blog

Having a blog positions you as an expert and authority in your niche. It is your “home” on the World Wide Web and attempting to build a business without one is senseless especially in 2015! You see, this is a platform where you bring the value and showcase more about the vision and direction of your company. It’s the best tool to create engagement, create a loyal following, and raving fans as they share, comment, and interact with your content. The benefits of having a blog is incredible and is truly a must if you want to win in Internet marketing!

Tip: This is pretty much a no brainer but we highly recommend using WordPress as you blogging platform.  With a massive developer community there are literally thousands of plugins and frameworks that make WordPress into a powerful CMS that can handle just about anything you throw at it.

#4 Simple Syndication Tool

Once you create your content, you want to get as many eyeballs on it as possible in as least amount of time, as possible. Leveraging a syndication tool will help you meet this objective in as little as a few minutes. There are various types of these tools that are designed to send your content to multiple social media, article, and video platforms with just the click of a button.

You can research to find the best syndication tools that are conducive to your business needs. Or connect with other Internet marketers to see which ones are working for them!

Tip: We have used LinksAlpha for years with excellent results for just $4.99/month.  LinksAlpha has a 30-Day trial membership so you can give it a test drive and see if it’s a good fit.  We have also started using Nexscript’s Social Network Auto Poster which you can read about HERE.

These four Internet marketing tools will give you the optimal advantage when growing your business online, the right way. Implement them immediately to set a strong foundation for a long-term sustainable company.

For additional information on how to leverage Internet marketing strategies for increased brand exposure, contact us here. We’d be glad to answer any questions you may have!

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