How Does Your Strategy Compare to Our Standard Social Media Marketing Plan?

Social Media Marketing PlanIt’s obvious that many businesses are still struggling to adapt to online marketing. In particular, social media has perplexed several marketers due to its unique platform and environment. If your business is currently in this situation, then compare your strategy with our generic social media marketing plan:

Open accounts on relevant platforms

The first step is simple: identify social media sites that you want to market on and open accounts on them. We recommend that you only market on sites that are relative to your strategy and goals. An accounting firm, for example, doesn’t have much to gain from marketing on Pinterest. It’s not necessarily a bad thing if you just start off with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn sites.

Share quality content

Once you have your accounts in order, then the fun begins. The best way to increase your following and engage users on social media is to share quality content.

Just make sure your quality offers substantial value. According to a recent All Business article, the value of your content will determine the number of social shares it gets:

“In social media, quality trumps quantity every time. The content you share with your followers needs to be engaging enough that it’s shared and reviewed by your followers. A long blog post will not always keep the attention longer. Likewise, the content needs to hold value for the customer by being relevant to both your business and the users’ needs.”

Look at data and analytics

On the surface, you’ll be able to tell how many users “like,” “reTweet,” and comment on your posts. The best marketers, however, will dig a bit deeper and look at social media analytics. You want to find out things like how much time users spend reading your content and what time of day your posts generate the most buzz.

Bring users to your website

And finally, let’s not forget the overall goal of social media marketing. Sharing content and increasing your following are great, but at the end of the day, you really want to attract new users to your website. That’s your best chance at increasing sales and planting the seeds for customer loyalty.

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