Selecting Social Media Marketing Firms

Social Media Marketing Firms

As any Internet marketing professional worth her or his salt will tell you, making money online calls for a concerted action between your email marketing, content generation, website advertising and social media presence.   Since it is impossible for one entrepreneur to do it all, the majority of professionals rely on social media marketing firms for the latter.

There are hundreds of businesses out there whose sole function is to help others brand and build their own companies and they know the ins and outs of the social media world like the back of their hand.  Choosing one that is qualified and ready to help you can be one of the most important decisions you make toward your social media success.

Yet how do you know that you are working with the right type of firm? Four questions should make it clear.

If Social Media Marketing Firms Cannot Answer These 4 Questions with Yes, Run!

  1. Do you forecast your strategies for changing social media trends?  Today’s Facebook and Twitter are not the same platforms that they were a few short years ago. Just like the users who visit them daily, they have shifted, changed and evolved. Any social media firm that only focuses on the here and now – with little regard to noticeable or beginning trends – cannot benefit you long-term. Rather, choose someone who forecasts strategies and can explain to you how the firm does it.
  1. Do you customize your approach?  Beware the one-trick-pony! While it is possible for a firm to have an approach that has worked well for a number of clients, it could have worked considerably better if the firm had customized its social marketing approach. It makes sense that a weight loss entrepreneur needs different posting frequencies and approaches than an online course content developer. Each strategy should be a unique mix of focus and on the use of your “voice.”
  1. Can you help me gauge my return on investment (ROI) when working with you?  Short of consulting a crystal ball, no social media marketing firm can promise you hard figures. That said, these professionals should give you a range. Of course, to do this, the firm must have a strong grip on its branding program’s effectiveness. In turn, this calls for experience in the field that spans years and not just a few months.
  1. Will you send me monthly reports?  Unless the answer is a resounding “yes,” run! Freelancers who dabble might hit a lucky break here and there, but they cannot give you measurable results that compare to the goals you previously stated. Without key performance indicators (KPIs), it is virtually impossible to find out if you are on track to meeting your goals or just getting by.

Narrowing Considerations When Selecting a Social Media Marketing Firm

As I mentioned earlier there are hundreds of social media marketing firms out there.  After you’ve identified a handful of firms with a solid social media marketing strategy, aligned with your business objectives, it’s time to take it a step further.

Not every firm meeting the four basic requirements is a good fit for every business. 

Choosing the right social media marketing firm all stems from knowing what you want to gain from other people’s experience. If you have a specific target audience in mind, touch base with the different firms out there to see what they specialize in. Knowing how to approach a certain age group or people with certain interests is one of the things that many of these specialists can help you with, and it may cost some money but it is a small price to pay for the success of your company.

Before contacting a marketing firm that focuses on social media, create a list of questions that you can ask to see if they are a right fit for your needs. By doing this simple interview process you will know what they can offer you and your company and set up some expectations of what they will deliver.

Do I REALLY Need to Hire a Social Media Marketing Firm?

While it is possible to conduct all these practices by yourself, it can be overwhelming to try to get it all done with just one or two people. Never hesitate to outsource some of the work involved when it comes to social media, because it will cut down the time it will take to see progress and growth in your sales.

However, if you’re a die-hard DIY marketer with a bit of a social media presence for your business but you aren’t seeing the results you would like to… perhaps it is time to do an evaluation and ask yourself some important questions.

  1. Do I Know What I Want?

Far too many business professionals go into setting up social media accounts with vague expectations or none at all. Perhaps many just do it because it’s the new way of marketing and they know they “have to.” But without clearly defining your objectives, you are setting yourself up for failure. Ask yourself what your short and long term goals are with it, who you hope to attract, what messages you are sending out, and how you will send them out.

  1. Does My Content Suit My Audience?

The content you produce on your social media whether it is a blog, status update, or re-post, should be suitable for your audience. It should answer a question they have or be something that peaks their interest. Intimately get to know your audience and ensure that every piece of content is something that they would certainly find resourceful.

  1. How Are My Photos?

It may seem a little silly but this is a big one. It is easily overlooked and its power is too often underestimated, but it is supremely important. The clarity and professionalism of every photo you upload on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media network is a reflection of your company’s professionalism. You want each picture to be eye-catching and sharp. You can easily drive away prospective customers when you have cheap, blurry photos as a part of your marketing strategy.

We understand that the social media marketing field can be a bit forbidding to those who are looking at firms for the first time.  Hopefully these tips and recommendations will help you arrow down potential social media marketing firms and provide actionable direction to your social marketing strategy.

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