Top 10 Essential Landing Page Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

If you hope to become a successful entrepreneur, one of the first skills you need to master is time optimization. From discerning which marketing opportunities are worth your time to understanding whether enrolling in an accelerator program is a good idea, your ability to maximize your moments is crucial for long-term success.

Building a resource list of tools you’re likely to use time and time again is a savvy move you’ll never regret. One powerful sub-section of your resource list is sure to be your curated list of landing page tools. Whether you’re a startup co-founder, a solo-entrepreneur, or an affiliate marketer building an online business, landing pages are likely to be part of your modus operandi for many years to come.

In our previous post, “Why Your Landing Pages Aren’t Converting (and how to save them), we highlighted 5 quick fixes you can implement to increase the ROI of your landing pages.  We also hammered home that landing page creation is one of the most critically important and one of the most botched aspects of any business’s online presence.

Well..we don’t want you to botch it up!  

Check out the following roundup of top landing page tools for entrepreneurs to see which ones can help you maximize your time and launch successful ventures.  And no, these aren’t you’re typical landing page tools such as LeadPages (which we love), Unbounce, or Wordstream SaaS tools.  Play around with these and test, test, test!

Landing Page Tools…In No Particular Order

Land Book - Landing Page Ideas

Land Book – Landing Page Ideas


Land Book

If you know you want to create a landing page for your business but don't have a clue on your design options, check out the Land Book. This helpful resource offers hundreds of landing page images to inspire you. Find anything from mobile app landing pages to squeeze pages for drones. Be careful though; you might find yourself overwhelmed with all the incredible choices at your disposal.

Megaphone - Landing Page Tool

Megaphone – Landing Page Tool



Megaphone helps entrepreneurs creating marketing masterpieces for their ventures. Whether you want a mobile responsive landing page to promote your upcoming iTunes app release or you want to gather email addresses for an ebook you're writing, Megaphone makes connecting with potential users easy.

Integrate your page with numerous platforms including Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, and Constant Contact. Features include video embeds, real-time analytics, ebook uploads, and HTML embed capabilities too.

Launch Rock - Landing Page Tool

Launch Rock – Landing Page Tool


Launch Rock

Launch Rock is a must-discover landing page tool for entrepreneurs. Whether you're launching a new startup or promoting a mobile app your company is developing, build momentum for your product or service with an engaging Launch Rock page.

You can create a promotional page for your venture in just minutes and start gathering email addresses for beta testers, press personnel, or even potential investors intrigued by your offering.

Users Think - Landing Page Tool

Users Think – Landing Page Tool


Users Think

Users Think helps entrepreneurs optimize their landing pages for maximum conversion. Request feedback from a specific number of testers, add your URL, and receive detailed insights on your offering.

You can use Users Think for anything from a squeeze page to coming soon page for your business.

Clickthroo - Landing Page Tool

Clickthroo – Landing Page Tool



Clickthroo lets you do everything from create a landing page to A/B test your website copy. Create a mobile-ready page to spotlight your upcoming venture, customize your creation for your target customers, and publish your promotional page in mere minutes.

You don't have to worry about hiring a programmer to code your new page or decide on a hosting provider. Clickthroo takes care of all the pesky decisions so you can focus on growing your company.

Lander - Landing Page Tool

Lander – Landing Page Tool



If you're a resourceful entrepreneur on a tight budget, you'll love Lander. Create an enticing landing page for free to spotlight your startup or mobile app. Features include: landing page templates, A/B testing, social media sharing, and analytics too.

Live Pages - Landing Page Tool

Live Pages – Landing Page Tool


Live Pages

If you're on the hunt for a squeeze page generation tool that doesn't require a degree in computer science to understand, Live Pages is made for you. Choose from a variety of layouts, add an email capture form, and publish your page online.

Live Pages feature built-in SEO and analytics, so you can track the performance of your new page and understand if you need to make any tweaks to increase your conversion rates.

Prefinery - Landing Page Tool

Prefinery – Landing Page Tool



If you're looking for an easy-to-use landing page tool that lets you create a landing page and find beta testers for your company, jump into Prefinery. You can create a wait list for your venture, request email addresses from alpha and beta testers, add questions to your sign-up forms, and offer rewards in exchange for social shares of your new page.

With everything from custom HTML options to personalized emails and impression analytics, you're sure to be impressed with Prefinery.

RocketStart - Landing Page Tool

RocketStart – Landing Page Tool



RocketStart is another helpful landing page tool for entrepreneurs. Create a media release page to promote your upcoming app, design a squeeze page for a hackathon, or make a landing page to promote your startup on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

With multiple features including social media sharing and email address capturing, you'll be well on your way towards building an extensive list of beta testers in no time.

Landing Page Monkey - Landing Page Tool

Landing Page Monkey – Landing Page Tool


Landing Page Monkey

Landing Page Monkey offers fabulous promotional tools for business-building entrepreneurs. Add video backgrounds to your squeeze pages, monitor web and mobile traffic via handy analytics, and add uploads from Wistia and Amazon S3 too.

Integrate your new page with multiple auto-responder tools including AWeber, iContact, and Rapid Response

Whether you’re launching your first startup or coding apps for clients, having a variety of landing page tools in your entrepreneur’s toolbox is essential. If you build a resource list of helpful tools, you can optimize your creation time for revenue-generating tasks.

So, will you be adding any of these handy landing page tools to your entrepreneur’s resource list?  Let us know by commenting below!

Stephen Ralph
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