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Article marketing is the prime method for long term search engine marketing and link popularity. Article marketing rules.

I Now Use for Unique Content Custom Articles

While catching up with launching a slew of new unique content niche web sites, after my long deployment to Iraq, I came across  All I can say is WOW! After working with numerous other web publishing agencies, freelance web sites and ghost writer services nothing even comes close to the speed, efficiency and professionalism […]

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1 Affiliate Network Now Linked To Goowy Media, Inc Widget-based Marketing Tools

Platform-A,, AOL’s digital advertising division, recently announced the launch of an affiliate marketing solution that links the affiliate network to the widget-based marketing tools of wildly popular Goowy Media, Inc. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years…Goowy Media, Inc. develops innovative online products and services that provide simple, […]

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Article Marketing Tips From Christopher Knight

We all know that article marketing is a VERY effective way of generating long term web traffic and backend sales to your website or even brick and mortar storefront.  However, many online marketers take a shotgun approach to article marketing by blasting their articles off to every article directory on the planet. Scott Allen from […]

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