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How to use viral marketing techniques and viral marketing strategies in your internet marketing biz.


Viral Affiliate Marketing Techniques You Can Use

As an affiliate, spreading the word about your products is your number one priority. If you aren’t constantly looking for new customers and for new ways to promote your products, you risk losing out on a lot of potential sales to the competition.  While the Internet has made advertising easier in many ways, it can […]

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Viral Marketing Techniques

Viral marketing can make magic for any type of web site, business, or product. It has the potential to be a huge source for sales leads, targeted traffic, and on-way links. Surprisingly, tons of marketers are not taking the full benefits of this viral factor within their marketing efforts. Most marketers deem viral marketing a […]

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1 Affiliate Network Now Linked To Goowy Media, Inc Widget-based Marketing Tools

Platform-A,, AOL’s digital advertising division, recently announced the launch of an affiliate marketing solution that links the affiliate network to the widget-based marketing tools of wildly popular Goowy Media, Inc. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years…Goowy Media, Inc. develops innovative online products and services that provide simple, […]

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Consumer Generated Video Content

Video has proven to be an immensely popular form of communication on the Internet.  Although it’s still in its infancy video on the internet is ALREADY huge.  Just take a look at YouTube which boasts over 200-300 million views per day! As any marketer can see we’re sitting on a goldmine of opportunity.  Why? Simple. […]

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Viral Marketing vs PPC Campaigns

I read an EXCELLENT post tonight on an experimental project on Marketing Experiments.  The focus of their project was “Can Viral Video Clips Drive Targted Traffic” From the recent explosion of YouTube and Google Videos as of late I was pretty sure I knew the answer.  However, the bottom line dollars and sense outcome of […]

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Viral Marketing and Viral Videos

Viral marketing has been around for quite some time but only in the last few years has it fully been recognized as a serious marketing medium.  Viral marketing campaigns such as viral videos and viral games are relatively cheap to produce and produce.  However, the right viral marketing campaign can potentially reach millions of potential […]

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