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4 Key Benefits To Help You Get In The Spirit Of Business Blogging

  • Did you know that major online newspapers like the Wall Street Journal,, and The Huffington Post are all actually blogs?  True, they are blogs on a very large scale, but the basic principle is the same.  Their purpose is to share current information about specific topics to a target audience.  You don’t have to be a large corporation to make blogging a successful part of your online marketing strategy.  Let’s look at four key benefits to help you get in the spirit of business blogging.


    1.  A Good Business Blog Helps Establish Credibility


    People are bombarded with advertising in their mail boxes, emails, on TV, on the phone, and practically everywhere they go.  People don’t want advertising - they want information.  They  are constantly looking for information to allow them to make the best buying decision from a company they feel they can trust.  A blog can furnish that added support by offering solutions to common problems and providing a way for consumers to establish a belief in your company and in your products.  You can let your readers know what your business is all about and at the same time, let them know that you are a leader in your particular field.


    2.  When You Blog You Are Speaking Directly To Prospects And Customers


    If you designed a business website to hold all the information you wanted to deliver, it would totally overload your website visitors.  Writing a business blog is kind of like picking up the phone and calling each individual prospect or customer.  A well designed blog allows you to hold conversations with readers and give them information beyond what is posted on your website.


    3.  Blogging Can Generate Totally Free Leads


    A business blog can be a 24-hour per day lead generator.  As your blog continues to grow with relevant and informative content, discussions around particular topics will increase.  This may begin with post comments or someone may send a link to a post to a friend or share it on Twitter or Facebook.  People who share your blog content with people they know are telling their friends that your business is an important source of information.  This free word-of-mouth advertising is not only building your credibility, but it will also increase your sales.


    4.  Blogging Helps You Understand Your Own Business Better


    It is just a simple fact – the best way to learn anything is to teach others.  By holding yourself accountable for posting relevant and unique blog content on a regular basis, you must do your research.  You must stay current on the latest technologies, trends and news within your own industry and as you learn, you teach.  As you seek out new ideas and topics to write about, you are not only providing useful information to your audience, but you are also gaining a better understanding of your own business.


    Creating and keeping your blog filled with useful content does take a certain amount of time and effort.  Since time may be one of your most valuable business assets, you may want to consider outsourcing your blogging to a business blogging service.  Whether you do it yourself or let someone else do it, blogging can be a valuable addition to your online marketing strategy.  It will not only help establish your brand and your business, but it will also increase the value of your web real estate.