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4 Basic Strategies Of Link Development To Begin Building Extraordinary Links

  • Link DevelopmentAll the SEO efforts in the world won’t be as successful unless your marketing strategy includes a focus on link development.  Proper link development takes time and patience, but it is a major factor in maintaining search engine visibility. Here are 4 basic strategies of link development to begin building extraordinary links.


    A Business Blog Will Call Attention to Useful Information


    Business blogs are no longer a luxury, but a necessity.  Filling a blog with useful and current information gives you the ability to naturally attract links to your blog content.  A blog also allows you to promote your website and offer detailed information that you would not normally include in the site.  Since publicity is a major part of most marketing plans, harnessing these resources for link development is actually a simple task.


    Better SEO Comes With Interlinking All Your Web Real Estate


    Many people overlook their ability to create internal links from and to their website and every blog post.  Interlinks are a big part of link development because you control everything about them.  You decide where to place them on the page and what anchor text you use.  Don’t make your blog posts sound artificial by grasping for specific keywords, but do try to steer your  content in the direction of blog posts or web pages so you can link them.  Please remember, interlinking must involve related content.  The better your visibility, the better your chance for acquiring quality links.


    Make Your Web Content Link-Able


    In order for others to link to your web content, they must first see it.  If you really want others to link to your content, you must make it easy for them to create a link. Many web designers create a separate “Link to Us” page with specific instructions and a little javascript to generate the proper linking code that can be copied and pasted into another web page or blog.  You can also place a little HTML at the end of each blog post to be used in the same manner.


    Building Relationships Will Come Back To You In Links


    This is where social media enters the realm of content marketing and link development.  You not only want to acquire links, but links from the right people.  Sharing your blog posts or other web content in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or LinkedIn can go a long way in not only promoting your products and services, but also building the credibility of your business.  When people start talking about you in a positive way, they will be more inclined to link to your message.


    The recent Penguin update more clearly defines proper link profiles.  It is not the number of links you acquire that will improve your online visibility, but the quality of the links acquired.  As many web designers place more emphasis on blog and other web content, link development seems to be one of the most overlooked components of effective SEO. Keywords may improve search engine performance for a while, but a well-planned link development campaign is for the long haul.