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Social Media Networking Plays a Integral Role in Your Business

  • Let's be friends. The more “likes” or “followers” or “subscribers” you have is a representation of your popularity. Unfortunately, having a ton of internet friends does not actually mean you have that many friends. All it really means is that you have persuaded that many people to click on your profile one time. It's a hollow number in regards to how many of those people are really interacting with you or your business. The focus of social media marketing is to not just have someone click on your profile once, but keep clicking to see anything new that is happening.


    With this in mind, businesses really need to look at how they are using their social media presence and what they can do to optimize the platforms they are on. Let people know that if they continue to check a social media profile, there may be coupons available at different times, or if they see the right tweet, it will tell them of a special. Whatever it is, the customer has to have a reason to continually visit your social media presence.


    You will also want to tie as many platforms together as possible. Encourage the customer to go from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest in order to follow what you are advertising across all the sites you use. Multiple platforms can keep your customers interested in different ways. It will also allow you to continually be in front of them on all the social media sites they visit.


    Even if you are not continually running promotions, do not neglect the profile. Frequently add something that may be of interest. Tie the interest to your business and give customers something to read. If you have a coffee shop, give them a fact about the coffee you use, or if you are a book store,  give a quick review of a book. The key is to let people know that your business profile will give them something to look at every day so they continue to check up on what is happening.