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Going Along with the Changes in the Article Marketing Field

  • Article marketing has long been considered as a major cornerstone of any internet marketing effort. However, with the recent changes that have been implemented in the search engines, this might slowly becoming a thing of the past. So is there still any worth to marketing articles?


    Is Article marketing Dead?


    One of the most common comments that you would hear nowadays when it comes to the recent updates made by search engine giant Google made in its system is that article marketing is now a dead art. Indeed, this might look the case, with updates like Panda and Penguin seemingly limiting the reach of article marketers.


    However, as pointed out by Samuel Frost in this article:


    "Article marketing isn’t dead per se. What has departed is the era of being able to churn out dozens of cookie-cutter articles and submit them to a few article directories, and then forget about it and watch the money roll in."


    Simply, article marketing is still very much there. However, there are changes that will greatly affect how the work is done nowadays.


    So, How Do We Do It Now?


    One of the biggest effects of the new updates made by Google is the crackdown on duplicate content. This has caused the decline in popularity of article submissions, which has served as one of the most important tools that article marketers use in their work.


    However, this also opens new opportunities for article marketers and writers. Instead of just relying only on the sheer volume of article submissions, marketers now have to come up with truly interesting articles to catch the attention of readers. And if you are the type who are more interested in providing useful information to your readers that simply running after the number of hits to your article, then you will have greater chances of getting readers to see your articles.


    What Now?


    Once you have created your unique articles, your next challenge is where you are going to post it. Undoubtedly the best place for you to post would be your own site, as pointed out by blogger Tiffany Lambert. However, you can also go and be a guest writer for other blogs and websites. This way, you will be able to reach more people. Of course, you need to choose the places you guest post in order to maintain your good rep with readers.