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Turn Contextual Advertising into a Real Money Maker

  • Contextual advertising has steadily grown in popularity as a means of generating additional income for many small businesses. However, not all know how to actually make the most out of it. So, here are a few simple reminders to help you take advantage of this income generation method.


    How contextual advertising works


    One thing that sets contextual advertising from other forms of online advertising is that it already has a built in means of filtering ads that you don’t want to appear on your website. It works by scanning your pages for particular keywords and sending only the relevant ads based on those keywords. This means that, based on the on the page they are visiting, your audience will theoretically be able to see only that ads they are exactly looking for.


    However, this is where the difficult part comes in. While the setup does give a fair amount of protection, there are still some workarounds through it. For one, unscrupulous advertisers can ride on your targeted keywords and post irrelevant ads.


    Another major issue with contextual advertising is privacy. As pointed out by marketer Larry Kim, there are instances where the software used to implement the system also accesses users’ browsing history and throws pay-per-click ads.


    Contextual advertising strategies


    Despite these issues, contextual advertising is still gaining popularity as a means of extra income for website owners. But as have been said, for it to succeed, it must be done the right way. Nach Maravilla gives some useful contextual advertising tips for maximizing profits from this income generator.


    One of the points he emphasizes is fitting it into your website. This often depends heavily on the kind of site you have. The method works best with sites which can make traffic naturally towards their ads. For instance, if your site sells particular products, visitors who purchase from you will naturally head to your ads if they see related items in these. Thus, it is best for you to limit ads only to those that are closely related to the site’s point of interest.


    Another important point to consider is the diversity of keywords you have. The more keywords you have, the more ads will come in. However, keep in mind that these still need to be relevant to your site. Research the keywords that will be able to cover similar audience coming from different backgrounds visiting your pages.


    Going beyond


    Jana Fung gives this important reminder when it comes to the income generated by contextual marketing:

    “Don’t expect contextual keyword performance to have similar or comparable outcomes to your paid search keywords. Even though you’re using the same ad platform, Google AdWords, this does not mean the ad channels are equal or that they should they be measured in the same way.”


    Thus, to truly make the most out of it, it is best for you to use contextual advertising alongside other income generators. However, don’t just throw them all into one place. Create a strategy which can make these different methods feed off from each other.