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Three creative ways to improve your search engine optimization

  • Improving your search engine optimization is a great goal, and we are here to help. However, with the recent Google updates, many people are feeling that SEO is a dangerous minefield. That's why we've come up with five creative ways to be both creative and protect your ranking.


    1. While meta tags and descriptions have not been used to rank sites in years, your meta descriptions are still a useful tool for you. If you've allowed your meta's to languish, go through them and spruce them up a bit to reflect your current content. Your meta description is what visitors see in search results, so it can greatly impact your click-through rates.


    2. Shorten your text. "Content is King" has been a marketer's favorite saying for the past few years. Long text allows you to include more keywords, but it is less readable with current attention spans. Be brave, and keep your posts to 300-400 words. You can easily make up for brevity by posting more often, and in fact, making more regular posts has been shown to increase your overall traffic.


    3. Use redirects instead of repeating text. Google now punishes sites severely for reusing content, so you cannot take this risk. Using a 301 redirect allows your visitors to view the same page where it is appropriate without upsetting the search engine robots. For localized pages, invest in top level domains instead of secondary pages to indicate to the search engines that this content exists specifically for localization.


    Search engine optimization is not something you can forget about. Instead, it is something that you need to revisit and tweak regularly in order to ensure you maintain and hopefully increase your ranking. By working with a professional, you can make the most of your SEO strategy.