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Does a Low Opening Rate Mean You Should Change Your Email Marketing Strategy?

  • Some indicators of email marketing may signal disengagement from subscribers. But before scrapping the entire email marketing program, businesses should consider how these specific indicators apply to them.


    Email MarketingEmail Marketing Indicators


    Certain indicators will have a different significance depending on the industry a business is in. The most obvious indicator of email marketing is the opening rate of emails. In some industries, the opening rate will be relatively higher than it is in others.


    recent Econsultancy article explains this idea and why it's important in email marketing. According to the article, a poor opening rate may not necessarily be bad and those emails may actually have an effect on subscribers:


    “For example, I may ignore 80% of emails I receive from brands like Schuh because I simply don't need a new pair of shoes. However, when I'm in the market for them, I'm more likely to pay attention... There's also the nudge effect to consider. Some studies have shown that, even if emails remain unopened, they still have have an effect by keeping your brand in customers' minds.”


    Let's take a hotel out in Key West, Florida as an example. They may notice an increase in their opening rate during June and July and a substantial drop in October and November. Is this because the marketing emails were any less effective later in the year? Or perhaps because they're subscribers are suddenly disengaged?


    No, of course not. It just means that demand for hotel rooms increases during the summer holidays and dips back down during the school year. In this case, marketers should take the nature of their industry into account before coming up with a new email marketing strategy.


    Besides, those marketing emails sent in October and November are still going to have an effect on subscribers. Even if they're not opened, subscribers will be reminded of a nice hotel in Key West that has good deals on rooms. Indicators in email marketing are useful, but they're only accurate if they're put into perspective.