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An Email Marketing Tip that Many Know, but Few Apply

  • I’m sure you’ve seen those email marketing campaigns where messages are sent to the list every day or two for what seems like forever. And every email they send seems to be better than the last in terms of being creative and compelling. If you're like many online marketers, you probably salivate at the thought of having an email campaign with that kind of power. So you set out to create one - certainly an admirable undertaking. But what about the meantime?


    If you already have a list, even a small one, are you actively marketing to it, even if your campaign isn't quite where you would like it to be?


    If you already have a list, do you continue working to make it larger?


    If you're new to email marketing, are you actively working to build a list?


    For many netrepreneurs, the answers to those questions is "no". And that's a huge mistake.


    If you already have a list, you should look at it as you would a brick and mortar store where people pass by every day. If you close its doors while you're developing the perfect marketing campaign, the people passing by won't have the opportunity to stop in one of those days and possibly buy something from you.


    In the online world, you should continue efforts to grow your email list and market to that list while you work on making your overall campaign better. 


    Email Marketing ListIf you're new to email marketing and don't have a list yet, you should view your list building as a new brick and mortar business owner would view the building of the physical facility that will house his business. He wouldn't wait until the facility was completely built and stocked with merchandise before he started marketing to prospective customers. He would begin marketing his business before the store actually opened to the public.


    In the online world, you should work hard to create and grow your email list and market to that list while you work on creating the initial version of your email marketing campaign. Even if all you do is send links to online content that's relevant to your industry, accompanied by your own comments on the topic being addressed, at least you're maintaining a relationship with the people on your list.


    The fundamental point is this: Do SOMETHING while you tweak or create the best possible email marketing campaign you can. And remember: Perfect is the enemy of best, and best is the enemy of better. If you wait until your campaign is perfect, or even best, before you start building and marketing to your list, you'll never achieve the success you desire.