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Simple Blogging Techniques To Add Value To Your Web Real Estate

  • Blogging TechniquesWith roughly 150+ million blogs already online, it is increasingly more important to blog on a topic that you are actually passionate about.  If your blog is to be successful, your blogging techniques must be constantly reviewed and you must be focused on developing blog writing skills to attract readers.  Some simple blogging techniques to add value to your web real estate include:


    Understand That You Are Writing For The Reader

    Remember, writing articles for your blog is not about you or how you can convey your clever ideas. Your purpose in blogging should be to deliver clear and persuasive communication.  Blog writers sometimes get lost in their ideas and convey their message in a way that is interpreted completely different by the reader. Editing your blog post will ensure your sentences are constructed properly and that your thoughts come together to make the post easier to read.


    Develop Eye Catching Article Headlines

    If people are going to click on it, it needs to get their attention.  If you are writing a blog about dogs, a possible headline could be – “Teaching a Dog Tricks”, not very unusual, right?  How about the title – “A Dog’s Ability to Communicate”.  The second headline would appear to attract more interest and curiosity. The article headline should be interesting, relatively short and provocative.


    More Is Not Necessarily Better

    Many times the easiest blog post you write will get the greatest response.  If the article headline is understandable, the subject is interesting and the article content is short enough to be read in one sitting, people will read it.  The subject of the article should be clearly explained in the very first sentence.  Getting overly involved in the post and obsessively covering the subject can be a death sentence to your blog.  Cover the subject as quickly as possible and stop.


    Leaving Comments May Not Be A Good Idea

    There are many nice people who comment on blog posts in a way that is great and validating, but there are also complete jerks.  There are many people out there who seem to have the lifetime goal of destroying other people’s work.  Keep in mind that it is the jerks that are more likely to leave a comment. They also may bookmark your site and come back later to continue their destructive efforts.


    Good Grammar Is Critical

    Few bloggers, if any, can properly edit their work as they write.  Taking the proper time to edit once the article is finished is very important.  Spell-checking and revising each article is a must.  Never get the idea that you can’t make a spelling or grammatical error in an article. 

    Most businesses today have blogs for the purpose of directing traffic to their company website, lead generation, or some other specific business need.  Many hire a professional blog writing service for the simple reason they don’t know how to write a blog and really don’t have the time.  Effective blogging begins with the hosting of your blog and it is important to have a unique blog site name that can only be obtained from a reputable blog hosting service.